There are wonderful ways to dispel acne: the golden rule of skin care in the morning; there are ways to dispel acne: the golden rule of skin care in the morning

Wash your face in the morning and evening

Some people say that it’s OK to wash your face often and remove the horniness in your pores! This is by no means the case! Even if you wash your face often, it will irritate those mature pimples, and then develop into purulent pimples. Therefore, it is better to wash your face twice in the morning and evening, and do not wipe it with a towel. You can use water and pat your face.

Finishing and treatment

Be sure to understand the fact that “acne comes out because you don’t clean your face well!” This sentence is not correct. Be sure to remember that cleaning your face with force, or using facial cleanser for many times will dry your skin, or frequent exfoliation will worsen acne! Early in the morning, you can use some acne products marked with (non comedogenic) or containing anti sebum secretion. And don’t forget to use products that can inhibit ultraviolet rays.

Remember to use some toner products that can control skin secretion after washing your face and before your skin is completely dry, and gently apply them to your face. Then you can apply some moisturizing essence products to balance water and oil. Compared with cream, its effect is more awesome.

Then, you can use professional acne treatment facial mask 1 to 2 times a week. For long-term skin management, you can use some skin care water or some drugs to control skin secretion to prevent better. Finally, in the prevention and management of acne, in order to prevent scars on the face, as for whether the acne is squeezed or not, the Xiaobian here suggests that you should not squeeze it. First of all, compared with squeezing out dermatitis acne, it is better to use some products with higher safety and let the acne subside naturally!

After completing the sebum secretion step, you can use some BB cream to prevent ultraviolet rays during the day, and use some facial mask after cleaning at night to suppress acne!

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