Always clean the toothbrush cup to prevent bacteria from entering

“If you use a tooth brushing cup for a long time, dust, scale and toothpaste residues in the air are easy to accumulate at the bottom of the cup. If you don’t clean it in time, these stains will become thicker and thicker, and form a layer of yellow slime. In addition, a large number of bacteria, especially molds, are more likely to breed in the humid environment.” Li Hongzhu, an associate researcher at Tianjin Institute of pharmaceutical research, believes that these dirt may cause oral inflammation if they come into contact with the mouth.

Therefore, the toothbrush cup should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. You can drop a few drops of disinfectant in the water, soak it for 1-2 hours, and then rinse it off; You can also pour a small amount of vinegar into the bottom of the cup to completely soak the stains in the vinegar. After half an hour, the stains accumulated on the bottom of the cup will be washed away; Because the bottom of many cups is too deep, it is difficult to clean them. You can roll the two top ends of the clip into sponge, fix them with rubber bands, and rotate to clean the inside and outside of the cups; Take the cup to the sun regularly every week to kill bacteria naturally, and the effect is better.

What needs to be reminded is that many people put their teeth brushing cups on shelves or washing tables. Bacteria also like to patronize these places, so they should also be cleaned in time.

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