It’s very dangerous that daily necessities are over age

bath ball

Change it every three months. The bath ball will stick with dead skin and breed bacteria if it is used for a long time. It is recommended to clean thoroughly every 1-2 weeks and change a new bath ball every quarter.


Change it every 3-4 months. After use, the toothbrush should be washed and dried vertically. Once the bristles are worn, they should be replaced at any time. The total working time of each toothbrush should not exceed 6 hours. Calculated by brushing twice a day for two minutes each time, the service life of the toothbrush is about 3 months. It is better to replace it in time within 3 months, otherwise it will be covered with bacteria.


Change it every 2-4 months. Towels are fiber fabrics. After a long time of use, it is difficult to remove bacteria deep into the fiber gap. Cleaning, drying, high-temperature cooking and other methods can only control the number of bacteria in a short time, but can not permanently remove bacteria. The towel that has been used for a long time is dirty and hard, which will become a new pollution source and seriously affect skin health and comfort. Therefore, it is better to change a new towel in about three months instead of waiting for it to break.

plastic lunch box

Plastic lunch boxes can be thrown away if damaged. Plastic utensils are easy to accumulate bacteria in scratches. It is best to wash them by hand. Once they are found damaged, discolored or brittle, they should be thrown away immediately or replaced with glass utensils.

sponge cloth

Change every 30 days. Sponges can easily harbor bacteria. It is recommended to wash the sponge thoroughly every week, and wash it thoroughly with hot water after each use, dry it in the sun, and sterilize it with a microwave oven every other day.


Replace it every 5-9 years. The mattress has been used for a long time, and the spring has lost its elasticity. It should be replaced in time, which helps relieve physical pain and stiffness. Many stains that cannot be cleaned will fall on the mattress, making us sleep with bacteria. It is recommended to change the mattress once every 5 years, especially for those who have poor sleep.

contact lens cleaning solution

Change it every three months. Once the lid of the cleaning solution is opened, bacteria will easily come to the door, increasing the risk of eye infection. In addition, the box for storing contact lenses should also be changed every three months.

vitamins drugs

Stored for more than 2 years. In order to maintain the proper efficacy of vitamin drugs, even if they are stored in a cool and dry place, they can only be stored for 2 years. Therefore, if you have such drugs at home, even if they have not expired, you’d better not eat them again.

sports shoes

8-12 months. I have to change a pair of sports shoes every 1000 kilometers. According to the amount of exercise, the service life of a pair of sports shoes is 8-12 months. Once the service life is exceeded, the protection and shock absorption effect of shoes on feet and trunk will be greatly reduced. To protect your knees and back, you should change your sneakers regularly every year.

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