The healthiest way to place electric fans

1. The wind speed when the electric fan is turned on should not be too high, so that the human body has a process of adaptation. The indoor wind speed is better controlled at 0.2-0.5 M / s, especially in well ventilated rooms and places with draught, the wind speed of electric fans should not be too high.

2. The electric fan should not be blown directly against people. It is easy for wind evil to invade the body. Especially when the body is weak or sweaty, it is better to let the fan blow toward a corner. Children, the elderly and the weak should use less electric fans to blow, but they can adjust the indoor airflow with electric fans to indirectly cool down. When you are sweating heavily, you should not directly approach the electric fan to blow, so as not to cause obstacles to perspiration on the body surface and damage to the human circulation, which is easy to cause a stroke.

3. When sleeping, the air volume should not be turned on too much. When people sleep, the circulation of the human body slows down, and this is the most vulnerable time of the human body. Blowing the air volume too large directly against the human body will cause the human body to be extremely uncomfortable, and the symptoms of human fatigue will appear. In serious cases, stroke will occur.

4. The electric fan should not be turned on for a long time. If the electric fan is turned on for a long time, the body will feel uncomfortable. The temperature of the human body will decrease with the evaporation of sweat. Over time, it is easy to cause cold, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. It is necessary to turn it on properly. It is recommended to turn it on for about 1 hour.

5. Correct placement is also important. The electric fan should not be too close to the human body. Blowing too close will make the gap between blood circulation and sweat circulation too large, and the nerve center will lose balance. Once the time is too long, all organs of the human body will feel tired, and the whole body will feel uncomfortable. The best placement of the electric fan is about 2 meters away from the human body, making the wind more gentle and uniform.

improve the efficiency of electric fans

Select products with excellent quality. As the technical threshold of the fan industry is low and the products in the market are uneven, it is necessary to choose products of well-known brands to ensure quality.

The fan is used together with the air conditioner. Fans can directly convert electric energy into kinetic energy, and the power consumption is very low. From the perspective of energy conservation, using fans in summer is the best choice. When the fan is used together with the air conditioner, the temperature of the air conditioner is set at about 26 degrees Celsius, which saves power and money.

Try to use medium or slow gear. At ordinary times, you can reduce the power consumption of the electric fan by driving the fast gear first and using the slow gear more after cooling down.

When in use, the electric fan is best placed next to the door and window to facilitate air circulation, improve the cooling effect and reduce power consumption.

keep running normally

Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the fan. Maintain its good performance and avoid the deformation and vibration of the wind blade, which is conducive to energy saving and power saving to a certain extent.

pay attention to dehumidification and cleaning when using air conditioning fans

Before use, be sure to check whether the water and ice are sufficient. When adding water and ice, be sure to unplug the power plug. The water in the sink shall be kept at a safe water level and shall be replaced regularly. The air-conditioning fan must be placed horizontally at the beginning of use without tilting.

When injecting water into the water cooling device, use pure water as much as possible. The purified water has high purity and few bacteria, which can reduce the growth of bacteria in the condensation process.

After the air conditioning fan runs for a long time, it will be blocked by dust and dirt, which will affect the air volume and cooling effect of the filter screen and air curtain. Therefore, the filter screen and air curtain should be cleaned every two weeks.

When using air-conditioning fans, the distance should not be too close and should be kept at about 3M.

Air conditioning fans use water for cooling, which usually increases the indoor humidity. If necessary, dehumidification or desiccant can be used to reduce the humidity of the room.

When the air-conditioning fan is not used for a long time, the water in the water tank should be cleaned, and the air should be supplied at normal temperature for a period of time, so that the inside of the machine, especially the filter screen, is completely dry and then covered with plastic bags for reuse.

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