Whitening is also speculation. Lazy people must know the whitening method. Whitening is also speculation. Lazy people need to know the whitening method

Complex and cumbersome whitening procedures make people always forget about everything and wonder how to whiten simply, quickly and safely so that they can show a good complexion in the year of the dragon? Today, I’ll teach you four tips for whitening lazy people.

No.1 milk + whitening essence

Are you used to using the famous whitening facial mask, but you find that it only works for a few days, and then the skin is returned to its original shape, and the facial mask can only be applied on the cheeks, which will feel very fake after application. However, have you tried the whitening facial mask you made yourself, and the effect is really good~


1. Remove an appropriate amount of milk, an appropriate amount of cotton pads, and a bottle of whitening essence suitable for you.

2. Add 3 to 4 drops of essence to milk and mix well.

3. Soak the cotton pad in the milk and apply it to the face, neck and behind the ears.

Everyone knows that milk is the holy product of whitening, but if you want to double the beauty of milk, you need this essence. Moreover, if you are smart about accounting, you will find that it will save a lot of money than buying an expensive facial mask. The effect will not be much worse, and you can use it every day. If you don’t try this simple and cost-effective method, you won’t regret it.

No.2 pearl powder + toner

Pearl powder is a good thing as soon as you hear its name, and the whitening effect is also super shocking; As for toner, it is the first layer of skin care products that accompany the skin. What will be the effect of combining the two? You have to try to find out.


1. Take proper amount of delicate pearl powder and whitening toner suitable for you.

2. After cleansing, put pearl powder on the cotton pad, and then drop a few drops of toner on the cotton pad.

3. Then wipe it evenly on your face like toner on weekdays.

How about this? It’s very simple. It’s almost normal. Only this small step can make a big difference.

Delicate pearl powder also has moisturizing effect. Xiaobian, I can’t put it down.

No.3 white sugar Facial Wash

This is the beauty editor’s favorite lazy whitening, which is very suitable for you who want to whiten and are lazy.


1. Choose a suitable whitening cleanser and a proper amount of cotton sugar.

2. Clean your face with cleanser according to common methods.

3. Take an appropriate amount of white sugar, add a little water to rub, then wash it on your face for about one minute, and rinse it with water.

This should be adhered to for a long time, and the method is simple. It is only a small step added to the usual cleansing care, and because sugar is beneficial to wound healing, this small method also has a good effect on acne marks.

No.4 aspirin facial mask fast whitening

When I heard about this method at the beginning, Xiaobian couldn’t wait to go to the pharmacy. However, with a skeptical attitude, he tried it himself. It was quite unexpected. His skin was really white and his speed was amazing. I don’t know which God invented it first. It’s amazing!


1. Take 5-6 aspirin tablets and water.

2. Twist the tablet stick into a very fine powder with a noodle, then mix it with a spoonful of water, wipe it on your face with cotton tablet aspirin solution, wait for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse it off.

Secret collection:

1. Aspirin tablets should be ground very fine, the finer the better, otherwise they will feel painful when rubbed on the face.

2. In order to prevent allergies, try to see if you can fit behind your ears before using.

3. After making aspirin facial mask, pay attention to moisturizing and use nourishing skin care products to achieve better skin beautifying effect.

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