Home made 8 whitening and Hydrating Facial Mask to make you a snow white in winter? Make 8 whitening and Hydrating Facial Mask by yourself, so that you can become snow white in winter

Self made whitening and Hydrating Facial Mask in winter is of good quality and low price. No matter what kind of skin you are, hydrating and moisturizing is your top priority. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin is also a must for every girl who loves beauty. There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. So follow Xiaobian to make a facial mask.

Milk egg yolk mashed potato moisturizing facial mask

This homemade facial mask has a very good moisturizing effect, and also has the effect of nourishing the skin. It is also very good in winter. It is also very simple to make. Remove the potato skin, then cut it into small pieces and press it into juice. In the process, heat the milk a little, and finally mix it with the milk, mashed potato and egg yolk. You only need to apply your face 20 minutes before going to bed at night to wash it.

Vegetable and fruit flour moisturizing facial mask

Cucumber and potato facial mask can prevent dry skin and make skin more moist, which is especially suitable for use in winter. Just take a cucumber and half of peeled potatoes to make juice, slowly pour flour into the cucumber potato mixture, stir them evenly, and make a paste. At this time, you only need to apply the adjusted moisturizing facial mask on your face with a soft brush, and it can be cleaned in 15-20 minutes. But please pay attention, The effect of this facial mask is very good, but it’s a little difficult to clean. If you want to moisturize with this homemade facial mask, don’t complain!

Vegetable, fruit and egg moisturizing facial mask

A self-made facial mask that nourishes the skin and has the effect of moisturizing the skin is most suitable for moisturizing in winter, and the operation is not complicated. First, wash the apples, carrots and cucumbers, cut them into small pieces, and then put them together for juicing. Take the egg yolk (please choose the egg white for oily skin) and puree, mix and stir them evenly, apply them on your face before going to bed at night, and wash them off after 20 minutes.

Poria cocos lotus seed almond moisturizing facial mask

This self-made facial mask is suitable for all skin types, especially for some people with dry skin, which is most likely to happen in winter, so it has a particularly good effect in winter. When making it, first grind 10g of Poria cocos, 10g of lotus seeds and 30g of almonds into powder, and then mix the powder with an appropriate amount of flour. Finally, add an appropriate amount of warm water to stir it evenly to form a paste. Then apply it evenly on the face with a facial mask brush, It will take about 15 minutes to clean with water.

Watermelon moisturizing facial mask

I need watermelon, egg white and flour. Mash the watermelon meat, add the egg white, stir well, and add a small amount of flour to make it paste. Apply it to your face for about ten minutes, then wash it with clean water. Watermelon is cool and has excellent moisturizing effect. Dry skin can use egg yolk, which has better moisturizing effect..

Apple hydrated facial mask

25g apples, 50g corn flour, fresh apples with mineral water and a small amount of mineral water to make juice, filter and take the juice for standby, add corn flour and mix it into a paste; Use a self-made facial mask and a special brush to evenly apply it around the lips, avoiding the eyes, and then wash it after drying. Apples contain carbohydrate, malic acid, protein and other nutrients. When applied externally to the skin, they can refine the skin, moisturize and strengthen the skin’s water storage function. Corn flour for external use can resist oxidation, protect sebum and moisture in skin, promote skin regeneration and vitality, delay skin aging, and make skin soft and smooth. Precautions: if you have allergic skin, you must try it on the inside of your wrist first, and then do it if there is no allergic reaction!

Carrot nourishing facial mask

Carrots, milk powder (flour for oily skin), 1 egg yolk (egg white for oily skin) and proper amount of honey: wash carrots, squeeze juice, mix the same amount of carrot juice with honey, mix well, and then add milk powder and eggs to make a paste. Usage: evenly smear it on your face and wash it after 20 minutes. Efficacy analysis: carrots are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, which can often make rough skin thinner and eliminate color spots and fine wrinkles. In addition, honey, milk and eggs, which are beauty treasures, have a first-class effect.

Strawberry yogurt facial mask

If you are a girl troubled by acne, we suggest using strawberry yogurt facial mask. The specific method is to prepare 4 fresh strawberries first (when choosing strawberries, you must choose the very red one, because only that one is mature), then prepare a little flour, a proper amount of yogurt for the protagonist, and a small teaspoon of honey. After the things are ready, we will start to make them. First, wash them with water, remove the small leaves on them, leave only the pulp, and then use a juicer to punch out the juice. Then, mix the flour, yogurt, strawberry juice and honey, and then use them. When using this facial mask, you must keep the facial mask on your face for about 15-20 minutes, because only in this way can the nutrition of the facial mask be absorbed. This facial mask can help you fight off your acne

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