What are the advantages of tea washing face

Advantages of washing face with tea water 1:

Tea contains tea polyphenols, which have antioxidant effect and can prevent skin aging. Tea can also resist radiation, especially for women who use computers for a long time. It can inhibit skin pigmentation and reduce allergic reactions. In addition, the tannin effect of tea can alleviate dry skin, which is also very suitable for children with eczema.

In tea, green tea is the most abundant in tea polyphenols. Therefore, it is advisable to wash your face often with green tea water. Washing your face and bath with tea can reduce the occurrence of skin diseases and make your skin shiny, smooth and soft. Use gauze dipped in tea to apply it to the black circles of the eyes, 1-2 times a day, 20-30 minutes each time, which can eliminate the black circles of the eyes. Wash your hands and feet with tea and slag, prevent and cure chaps, prevent and cure eczema, stop itching, and reduce the odor of sweaty feet.

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Advantages of washing face with tea water 2:

Washing your hair with tea can make your hair dark, soft, glossy and beautiful; Brushing eyebrows with tea can make eyebrows thick and bright. Gargling with tea can eliminate halitosis, help protect teeth, and prevent oral diseases. After washing your face at night, make a cup of tea, apply the tea to your face, and gently pat your face with your hands, or attach absorbent cotton dipped in tea to your face for 2-3 minutes, and then wash it with water. Sometimes the tea color on your face can’t be washed off immediately, but it will disappear naturally after one night. It has the effect of removing color spots and whitening.

Advantages of washing face with tea water 3:

In fact, it is also good to wash your face and bath with tea. The best way is to use green tea, which can reduce the occurrence of skin diseases and make your skin shiny, smooth and soft. If your skin is darker than usual, you can roughly determine that your body has become acidic. And alkaline makes you white. At this time, it is best to pat your face with cold tea water after washing your face, because the chlorophyll contained in tea will be absorbed by your skin, and your skin will gradually become neutral.

Specific methods of washing face with tea water:

Remember, after washing your face with tea, don’t forget to wash your face again with water. Before going to bed the night before, I cooked a kettle of boiling water. When I felt a little cool, I put a handful of tea in the kettle. I washed my face with this water the next morning. A pot of water, even tea and water, was poured into the basin. Wash your face with this water for the first time, wash it repeatedly with water for half a minute, and then wash your face with facial cleanser. Needless to say, wash your face in your usual way, and then wash the foam with tea. Then wash your face with warm water twice.

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