Homemade facial mask can help you remove freckles easily. What daily details should you pay attention to? Make your own facial mask to help you remove freckles easily. Pay attention to daily details when removing freckles

In this hot summer, due to the lack of sun protection and skin protection, some MM have a lot of sunburn on their faces due to the strong ultraviolet rays and the poisonous sun. What shall I do? How to effectively remove spots? Today, Xiaobian will recommend several self-made freckle removing facial mask to teach you daily skincare tips. Help everyone to sunburn easily and rebuild zero defects.

3 homemade facial mask to help you remove freckles easily

Freckle removing facial mask 1: yogurt oat whitening and freckle removing facial mask

Materials: yogurt, oatmeal

Manufacturing method:

1. Take 2 tablespoons of yogurt

2. Take 1 tablespoon oatmeal

3. Mix the two evenly and apply them to the face. Wash them with warm water 20 minutes later

Efficacy: yogurt contains hydroquin derivatives, which can decompose the aging keratinocytes of the skin, inhibit and remove pigment spots, and thus have a good cosmetic effect. Vitamin E and other active substances in yogurt and oatmeal have the effect of removing spots and whitening the skin.

Freckle removing facial mask 2: Almond coffee protein facial mask

Materials: almond, coffee powder, protein


1. Heat almonds

2. Stir almond puree, coffee powder and protein evenly and put them into a closed bottle.

3. Before going to bed every night, evenly apply it on your face, wake up the next day, and then wash it with warm water

Efficacy: moisturize and remove wrinkles, tighten loose skin, fade black spots, and make skin white and bright

Freckle removing facial mask 3: Chinese herbal whitening and freckle removing facial mask

Materials: aconite, pearl powder, Angelica dahurica, Amitabha, goat milk.


1. Grind an appropriate amount of aconite, pearl powder, Angelica dahurica and Amitabha into powder and put it into goat’s milk to mix;

2. It needs to be heated for 1 hour, wait until it is in the form of facial mask cream, cool it, apply it to the face for 20 minutes, and wash it off with water.

Efficacy: mask the skin defects, beautify the face, and eliminate the dark complexion of the face.

3 recipes are convenient for freckle removal

Recipe 1: Celery beef soup

Raw materials: 50g celery, 150g ground beef, one egg white, 5g cooking wine, 5g salt, 8g chicken essence, 30g Lake starch, 800g soup, 10g lard, and some shredded scallion and ginger.

Production procedure:

1. Wash the celery and cut it into small pieces for use.

2. Heat the pot, add lard, add scallion and ginger to stir fry until fragrant;

3. Stir fry the beef powder, add cooking wine, and then add stock, celery granules, cooking wine, refined salt and chicken essence to boil. Mix with water and starch;

4. Finally, pour in the beaten egg white, push it with a spoon while pouring, boil it, and then put it into the soup basin.

Medicinal diet effect: whitening and removing spots.

Freckle removing Shipu: Double bean Lily soup

Materials: mung bean, red bean and Lily

Production procedure:

1. Put them together in the ratio of 1:1:1, soak them in water for half an hour, and then boil them over high fire:

2. Then use a small fire to smother. After the beans are cooked, add some sugar or salt (I usually add sugar to make sweet ones).

Efficacy: eating more can dilute melanin, clear away heat and detoxify, and nourish the skin. However, mung beans are cold food. People with cold bodies can’t eat more, nor can they eat more in autumn and winter.

Freckle removing recipe 3: lotus seed longan soup

Materials: prepare 5 grams of job’s tears, 10 grams of longan meat, 3 grams of lotus seeds and ferox


1. Wash the above materials together and put them into 500ml dropsy, boil them over high fire, and then slowly cook them over slow fire for one hour.

2. After a little cooling, add a proper amount of honey, put it into the container, drink the soup and eat lotus seeds.

3 life details to pay attention to in freckle removal

1. Beer freckle removing

(1) Take a clean bowl and pour beer into it. Immerse the medicinal cotton yarn in beer for about 3 minutes.

(2) Take out the cotton yarn, slightly twist it, and apply it on your face to completely relax your facial skin. Apply it for about half an hour.

(3) If the moisture in the cotton yarn is sucked dry, it can be soaked in the first two steps and then applied.

2. Regular exfoliation

The fall of temperature in autumn will slow down the metabolism of skin and thicken the stratum corneum. Although the cuticle is supposed to protect the skin from damage, the cuticle is too thick, which will greatly weaken the permeability of the skin and weaken the absorption of the effective ingredients of freckle removing products. Use it once or twice a week, with light force. First, gently wipe the exfoliating cream on your face, stay for about 3 minutes, and then massage in circles to peel off the dead skin.

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