How to dispel acne effectively? Try the natural acne removing facial mask made by yourself

1. Lettuce acne removing facial mask

Lettuce is very helpful for removing acne and blain. It has excellent heat clearing, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. At the same time, it can resist the expansion of capillaries and help treat sunburn. The effect is very good.

Prepare an appropriate amount of lettuce leaves and water, wash and crush the lettuce leaves, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for five minutes, then take out the lettuce leaves, wrap them with clean gauze, and apply them to your face while hot. After ten minutes, wipe your face with the soup of boiled lettuce leaves, and finally rinse them with water. Apply them twice a week. If you persist in using them, you can effectively drive away acne.

2. Apple acne removing facial mask

The beauty effect of apple is that it can effectively inhibit oil secretion and tighten the skin. Mixing apple with pearl powder is a very good acne removing facial mask. You should know that pearl powder can not only whiten the skin, but also help the skin to eliminate inflammation and sterilization, which is very helpful for removing acne.

Prepare half an apple and a proper amount of pearl powder, clean the apple, remove the core and skin, cut it into small pieces, put it into a juicer to squeeze it into apple juice, then add a little pearl powder, stir it together into a paste, clean the skin, smear the facial mask on your face with a soft small brush, and rinse it with water after ten minutes. This facial mask is very suitable for those who have oily skin and acne. It can gradually remove acne and effectively inhibit the growth of acne.

3. Juice acne removing facial mask

Strawberries and tomatoes are fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, which have a very good whitening effect. Fresh strawberry juice and tomato juice have the effect of fighting bacteria, clearing heat and detoxifying, and are very helpful to remove facial acne.

Prepare an appropriate amount of strawberries and tomatoes, clean the tomatoes and remove the stems of strawberries, then put the tomatoes and strawberries in a clean gauze, squeeze out the juice, clean the skin, wipe the squeezed juice on the place with acne in time, wipe it for 20 minutes, and then clean it with warm water. It should be noted that it can be rubbed on the condition that the skin is not damaged, which has a certain effect on astringent acne. If the skin is damaged, it can not be used again to avoid the acid of fruit juice irritating the skin.

4. Mung bean acne removing facial mask

Mung beans have a very good heat clearing and anti-inflammatory effect, can deeply clean the skin, and have a very good effect on removing red and swollen acne.

Prepare an appropriate amount of mung bean powder and distilled water, mix mung bean powder and distilled water, mix well, and make it into a paste, then clean the skin, gently smear it on the face with a facial mask brush, and clean it with warm water 15 minutes later. Make mung bean facial mask twice a week, which can effectively drive away acne and help skin inhibit bacteria and inflammation.

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