How can I whiten and freckle? How to do can whitening freckle

The spots on the face are also the cause of pain for female friends, but what is the reason for the color spots on the face? How can I whiten and freckle?

What is the cause of facial color spots?

1. Genetic causes: autosomal inheritance is the main cause of facial color spots.

2. Ultraviolet radiation: Daily ultraviolet radiation is an important cause of facial color spots, which is also the reason why we need to sunscreen in summer.

3. Lifestyle problems: in ordinary life, poor sleep and improper diet also provide favorable conditions for the growth of color spots. Insufficient sleep will cause poor metabolism of the body, which will affect the growth of melanin.

4. Endocrine causes: endocrine disorders are also an important cause of facial color spots in women. Unstable endocrine usually causes emotional instability, which also indirectly causes facial color spots.

How can I whiten, freckle and sunscreen,

Prevent color spots

The first thing to do in whitening is to protect, and the most effective way to remove spots and whiten is to insist on using broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or more every day. If you have color spots on your face, you’d better choose products with higher index. Even indoors, you need to apply sunscreen every day, otherwise there is no hope of any improvement in color spots and dullness.

Paula recommends the use of mineral sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as the active ingredients. This is because mineral particles are used to reflect ultraviolet rays. Compared with chemical sunscreens, they can prevent color spots and wrinkles more effectively.

Care, fade color spots

The second step is to take targeted care of color spots, and the correct use of skin care products with certain special ingredients can quickly brighten dark skin tone, and the effect of removing spots and whitening can also be doubled with half the effort.

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