Freckle removal starts with scientific cleansing? Freckle removal should choose scientific methods

Washing your face is something everyone does every day, but if you think that washing your face is over, then the pattern Tucson is broken. Improper washing of your face will easily cause the deposition of color spots and freckles on your face. What is the cause of facial color spots?

1. Genetic causes: autosomal inheritance is the main cause of facial color spots.

2. Ultraviolet radiation: Daily ultraviolet radiation is an important cause of facial color spots, which is also the reason why we need to sunscreen in summer.

3. Lifestyle problems: in ordinary life, poor sleep and improper diet also provide favorable conditions for the growth of color spots. Insufficient sleep will cause poor metabolism of the body, which will affect the growth of melanin.

4. Endocrine causes: endocrine disorders are also an important cause of facial color spots in women. Unstable endocrine usually causes emotional instability, which also indirectly causes facial color spots.

In fact, cleaning your face is not simple at all. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the scientific face washing process.


Wash your hands before washing your face

After a long day’s toil, your hands will be covered with bacteria; After a full night’s sleep, your hands will metabolize and secrete a lot of sebum, so don’t think that you need to wash your hands before and after eating. Before cleansing your face, you should also carefully clean your hands with hand sanitizer to keep them moist, so as not to bring more burden when cleansing your face.

As a good child, the first thing to do after taking off his shoes at home is to wash his hands. This habit is too important.


Although the water quality and water temperature are very small details, they will have a long-term subtle impact on the experience of sensitive and vulnerable skin.

First of all, the water quality should be weakly acidic, which is close to the physiological attributes of the skin. General tap water is weakly acidic, and some tap water filtration devices used in households have a special weak acid filtration function for face washing.

The water temperature also affects the cleansing effect. The use of comfortable warm water during the initial wetting and cleansing process can open the pores of the skin, help the cleansing ingredients to take away dirt and promote the blood circulation of the face, which is also why the facial skin is white and ruddy after washing with warm water, and the whole person is relaxed.

The temperature of hot water must not be too high, otherwise the skin on the face will become tight and loose. The warm water of 30 ~ 33 ° is close to the temperature of your hand. You can put your hand into the water without being hot or cold. After washing your face, you’d better take advantage of the expansion of pores and the moistening of the face, and supplement the moisturizing products as soon as possible, which is conducive to absorbing moisture and nutrition.


Bubble means foam. The cleansing products used should stir up thick bubbles as much as possible. In addition to the super mild cleansing milk without foam, general cleansing soaps and cleansers can use foaming nets and pump heads to create rich foam in the palm of their hands, which looks like lovely marshmallows.

Stirring the cleansing product out of the foam and contacting the facial skin can minimize the irritation to the skin, reduce the friction between the palm and the face, and make the cleaning more thorough in the foam state.


“Angle” refers to the action angle of facial massage cleaning. If you want to keep the facial skin tight and smooth for a long time, you can’t move your hands.

Massaging the face with your finger abdomen in the direction indicated by the arrow above can not only drive dust and dirt out of the pores more thoroughly, but also help to keep the skin around the cheeks and eyes tight, not easy to relax and wrinkle. You can’t rub your face so rudely that it’s loose, can you?

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