Is erythromycin ointment effective in removing acne? Is erythromycin ointment effective in dispelling acne

The damage of acne to the beauty of the face is beyond your estimation. How to treat open or closed acne? Is erythromycin ointment effective in treating acne?

Erythromycin ointment for acne treatment

To deal with acne, you don’t have to buy a so-called acne removing set of several hundred yuan. Erythromycin ointment, which is common in pharmacies, is said to be very effective. Erythromycin ointment can really be used to treat acne. Because erythromycin is an antibiotic with anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, and can inhibit the growth of Propionibacterium acnes, the main pathogen of acne, it is effective in treating acne with pustular formation. However, “open or closed acne” refers to black and white acne, which is often caused by too much oil blocking pores. It is useless to use erythromycin. Therefore, for open and closed acne, the first thing to do is to dredge pores.

How to dredge pores

Clean face

After carefully removing makeup, you should still use facial cleanser to clean the stains on your face, and the use of facial cleanser can effectively clean the stains, grease and dust on the surface of pores that should not be cleaned off. You must use a special facial cleanser. You can’t just use makeup remover to do things hastily. You should clean your face thoroughly.

Do deep care

Beauty lovers who are prone to pore clogging must also adhere to the deep cleaning and care of their skin. They should adhere to removing dead skin and dead horniness 1-2 times a week every day to prevent dead skin and dead horniness from clogging their pores.

Blockage export

If the pores are seriously blocked, you can go to a cosmetics store to buy a set of pore acne export liquid to guide out all the dirt inside the pores, especially some acne and acne particles; You can also use the inner membrane of egg shell at home to effectively remove the blockages of pores, and keep cleaning for a long time to return the skin to a clean pore.

Pay attention to water temperature

Most of the people who are prone to pore clogging are oily skin. When cleaning the face of oily skin, it is recommended to use warm water for cleaning. Overheating hot water will easily expand pores, instead of bringing dirty substances into the deep pores and taking away skin moisture; The cleanliness of cold water is low, which can not effectively wash away the residual oil and dust on the skin surface. Therefore, the control of water temperature is very important.

Contraction is important

After finishing the corresponding cleaning work, we must shrink the pores of our skin to prevent the accumulation of new grease and dust from damaging our washed pores. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a pore shrinking toner suitable for our skin, or lotion, so that our skin can effectively shrink pores after each cleaning and prevent new blockages from harming us again.

What should you pay attention to when removing acne

1. Pay attention to diet: the daily diet of patients is very important. Patients should achieve “three more and two less”, that is, more zinc, multi-dimensional life and more coarse fiber; It is a kind of food with less fat, sweet and thick taste and less spicy and smelly smell.

2. Daily patients should maintain good mood, have regular work and rest time, avoid tension and anxiety, combine work and rest, and keep stool smooth.

3. Patients should develop good living habits, pay attention to face and hand hygiene, often wash their faces with warm water, and do not squeeze, pinch, pinch, etc. with their hands.

4. Caution in drug use: patients should understand that they should not abuse drugs casually. There are many drugs that can aggravate acne, including some androgens and corticosteroids, as well as dentate elements, phentomethyl sodium, isoniazid and other drugs.

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