Summer whitening battle: can drinking more water whiten the whole body? Summer whitening battle: drinking more water can whiten the whole body

Summer is coming, and beauties all hope to have smooth and snow-white skin. However, the ultraviolet rays in summer are particularly strong, and the skin looks dry. If you are not careful, you will get sunburned. How can you whiten quickly?

Whitening starts with moisturizing

Moisturizing before whitening can improve the moisture content of the skin stratum corneum, improve the cell tissue of the skin surface, and avoid the sensitive symptoms when using whitening products. The skin moisture has been largely lost after being exposed to the sun or wind in summer, so keeping the skin moisture sufficient at all times is the primary condition for achieving rapid whitening.

Drinking more water can whiten the whole body

Drink a large cup of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning, and it will be better to add lemon. In addition, drink a small cup of water 30 minutes before going to bed, so that the cells can fully absorb it, which can prevent melanin and effectively whiten the skin.

Isolation protection

Sunscreen is like the skin’s coat. You must “wear” it whenever you go out. Because the living conditions of melanin can be obtained only after the melanin cells are activated by the sunlight, how important is sunscreen for whitening. When choosing whitening products, it is best to choose products containing sunscreen ingredients. Generally speaking, sensitive and dry skin is suitable for physical sunscreen products, and mixed and oily skin can choose chemical sunscreen products.

Diet helps whitening

Skin care products alone are not enough for whitening. We should also regulate our diet. Some fruits and vegetables we often contact in our daily life have skin care effects and are rich in vitamin C. These are the holy products of natural whitening, which can help whiten the skin from the body, and are green and healthy. They can also increase resistance. In addition, women who love beauty should try to eat less or no fried food to keep their skin clean.

matters needing attention

1. Pay attention to reducing the time of outdoor activities, avoid excessive contact with dust environment, and reduce the possibility of dust adhering to the skin surface.

2. To pay attention to the thoroughness of skin cleaning, it is best to choose products with deep cleaning effect to clean the skin, keep the pores of the skin unblocked, and avoid hindering the whitening work of the skin.

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