What are the effective, simple and fast whitening methods

1. Distribution and deposition of desalted melanin

It can directly inhibit and reduce the tyrosinase activity of melanocytes, and can inhibit and reduce the production of melanin from the source, which is the most commonly used and traditional effective method in whitening technology. Scientists also found that melanin, which has not been completely eliminated, can be transported to the most important keratinocytes in the epidermis. When the skin is under external pressure and stimulation, these keratinocytes cannot maintain normal metabolism, resulting in excessive melanin deposition or uneven accumulation in the epidermis, resulting in darker skin color or color spots. Therefore, inhibiting the production of melanin and reducing the transport of melanin is an important way to make the skin uniform and white.

Ingredients that inhibit melanin synthesis or tyrosinase activity can inhibit the production of skin melanin.

Active ingredients that inhibit melanin transport can inhibit the distribution of melanin on the skin surface.

Some ingredients can promote the decomposition of melanin that has been formed, and can dilute the dark skin color and color spots.

2. Improve overall skin metabolism

Simply changing melanin production and transport is not enough to achieve a comprehensive whitening effect. By promoting the degradation of melanin in keratinocytes and accelerating the shedding of keratinocytes, the content of melanin in the epidermis can also be reduced, and the whitening effect can be enhanced to a certain extent.

It contains active ingredients that regulate the growth of keratinocytes and promote the exfoliation of dead skin cells, which can help fade existing color spots and skin dullness, and achieve uniform skin tone as a whole.

The active ingredient that regulates the vitality of keratinocytes and resists the aging of keratinocytes can help the skin improve the disorder of melanin metabolism and achieve the effect of continuous whitening.

3. Improve skin texture and metabolism

Aging and unhealthy skin with loose, rough, dry or unclear layers. It can improve the aging problem and make the skin moist, transparent, delicate and firm. This kind of skin texture can set off the white texture and youthful nature of the skin. At the same time, healthy skin has good natural resistance, will not be affected by external stimuli, and can maintain strong metabolic capacity.

The active ingredient that enhances the synthesis of skin collagen and elastin can increase the compactness of skin, improve the texture of skin, and make skin reflect natural luster evenly.

The active ingredients for oil control and water replenishment can make the skin surface delicate. This bright and delicate skin texture can increase the whiteness of the skin.

It contains repair and anti-aging active ingredients, which can make the skin layered and healthy, transparent from the inside to the outside, and reflect the natural luster of the skin.

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