Different skin should be whitened in different areas in summer

The so-called “one white covers a hundred ugly”, when it comes to whitening, yellow skinned Asians have never ignored it. In particular, the whitening scheme to suppress melanin in summer is the top priority for beauty seekers. At the recent amritz beauty lecture held in Nanning, the reporter asked Cai Meiling, a senior beautician, for many tips on summer whitening. Don’t wash your face for more than three minutes in the morning and evening. Tsai Meiling first suggested that women should pay attention to the time of washing their faces in summer. In order to achieve the goal of refreshing, they should wash their faces once in the morning and once in the evening, preferably not more than three minutes each time. Don’t let the cleaning products stay on the skin for too long, to prevent clogging of skin pores. Tsai Mei Ling said: “From the beginning of using facial cleanser, we should pay attention to distinguish dry, neutral and oily skin and choose different schemes. For example, neutral to oily and neutral to dry skin are suitable for using the ‘cleansing’ and ‘moisturizing’ formulas in artistry whitening facial cleanser. When massaging the face with facial cleanser, it is best to end it in 30 seconds, not more than one minute, then tap the whitening toner, and then apply the cream on it. Do not exceed After three minutes, the best whitening effect can be achieved. “It is appropriate to exfoliate once every 5 days.” Cai Meiling told the reporter that in summer, skin exfoliation also pays attention to, and the face is suitable for exfoliation every 5 days. Because in summer, liquid foundation with sunscreen function is often selected to add a layer of UV shielding to the skin, and sweat is easy to make up. ” “Sticking to the skin, if the skin is not clean enough, no amount of nutritional care can play a role. It is particularly important to deeply clean the skin. In addition to facial exfoliation, we should also pay attention to the second face.” “– exfoliating the hands and even the whole body. In summer, in order to nourish the skin and make it more breathable, clear and moisturizing, it is very important to adhere to the moisturizing facial mask and whitening facial mask. The moisturizing facial mask is suitable to be used once every two weeks, and the whitening facial mask is suitable to be used once a week.

Concentrated whitening is more targeted. “Whitening needs to be different from person to person, but also from skin type! Different skin types have different whitening schemes. For example, when I drive in summer, my left face is a little darker than my left face. When I use whitening products, I need to use a more sufficient amount on my left face and focus on applying it many times.” Cai Meiling further explained that we should have a careful examination of our own skin to see where the skin color is dark and the pores are enlarged; Where there is uneven water and oil, fine lines come to visit too early; What part of acne is frequent… It is scientific to take differentiated and targeted whitening methods according to your own skin condition. Cai Meiling put forward the new concept of “concentrated whitening”. She believes that if you want to make dry skin moist again, you can often apply various hydrating and moisturizing facial mask on dry parts, and use moisturizing essence and plant essence oil to moisturize your skin before applying face cream in the morning and evening. For different skin types, the methods of shrinking pores are also different: people with medium dry skin often adjust and improve from diet, work and rest, and careful skin care; Women with oily and mixed skin have large pores

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