How many ways can you moisturize, whiten and bask in the sun? I’ll teach you a few tricks to make you moisturize, whiten and sunburn

In hot summer, everyone will become a little flustered, especially girls with sensitive skin. Their skin will enter a dry, allergic, water deficient and dull state. At this time, we must find ways to repair it. Skincare experts recommend how to maintain and improve sensitive skin. It is not a problem to whiten and solve dryness in summer.

Care and whitening of sensitive skin

Girls with sensitive skin are pitiful. Most skin care products can’t be used. They can only be used with characteristics or special ones, so you can’t easily try to whiten them. Because the skin itself is easy to dry and redden, you should also pay attention to it when whitening. It’s better to choose Dietotherapy or medicated whitening, so the effect is better, and there are not too many chemicals that are not easy to be allergic.


You must pay attention to the choice of sunscreen. It’s better to ask a beauty consultant before making a choice. In addition, you can also prepare a sunscreen shirt and umbrella. The dullness of your skin has a great relationship with ultraviolet rays. In addition, you should not eat some photosensitive food. Even if you eat it, you should never go out within an hour, nor turn on the light, otherwise it is still easy to turn black.

Bedtime facial mask

Because it is sensitive skin, the choice of facial mask is also troublesome. You can DIY what you can’t use in the market. Bedtime is the golden period for skin care. The simplest way is to directly soak the toner you use, and then apply the compressed facial mask to your face for ten minutes. In this way, it can replenish water effectively and whiten deeply. In addition, you can also use Aloe Vera Bubble to open the compressed facial mask, apply it to your face for twenty minutes, and then take it away, This can not only whiten but also prevent aging.

Drink more water and don’t stay up late

Maintain the intake of eight cups of water a day for a long time. Drinking more water can not only help the skin metabolize, but also moisturize and replenish water, which is more useful than skin care products. Here, the water refers to mineral water. Nothing can be added, but the first cup in the morning can be put with some honey or salt and drunk on an empty stomach. In addition, it is absolutely not allowed to stay up all night. The killing power of staying up all night on the skin can be said to be 100%, It takes a long time to make up for the dull and rough skin.

Whitening prescription

Materials: 15g melon seed kernel, 6G orange peel and 12g peach blossom.

Mix them together and grind them into fine powder. Take rice soup after each meal, three times a day for several months.

These ingredients have whitening and cleansing ingredients, and can make your skin clearer and smoother. Long term persistence can improve the problem of dark and rough skin.

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