What tips can I teach you to help you whiten your skin? I’ll teach you some ways to help you whiten your skin

The day before yesterday, I had a party with my friends. I talked about the problem of my friends’ dark skin. I asked if there was any way for my beauty editor to solve this “black” and turn white? In fact, the dark complexion can be gradually whitened through daily care, so don’t worry about the dark mm, come and learn the method of whitening skin with Xiaobian!

1. Clean skin

Many mm whitening will ignore the cleaning of the skin. In fact, cleaning the skin is very important. Daily make-up and pollution of the external environment will make the skin dark, and long-term residue will lead to skin deterioration, thickening of the stratum corneum, and clogging of pores. These problems will make the skin dark yellow and difficult to whiten. Therefore, we must deeply clean the skin, so that the dirt on the skin will not remain, and the skin will be nourished, which will naturally achieve the whitening effect.

2. UV isolation

If you want to whiten, it is also important not to tan yourself. Ultraviolet rays do great harm to your skin. Melanin precipitation makes your skin dark, and sunburn will occur, which greatly affects your beauty. We should avoid going out at noon in summer or when the ultraviolet rays are strong in ordinary times, and we must adhere to the use of isolation sunscreen, which depends on them to protect against ultraviolet rays.

3. Regular nursing

Whitening also depends on regular care. Take some time every week to do deep care for the skin. Whitening and moisturizing cannot fall behind. Choose whitening essence for centralized care, and regularly exfoliate to make the skin healthier and better absorb nutrients.

4. Daily diet

In daily food, pay attention to supplement vitamin C and B6. Vitamin C can effectively resist oxidation and prevent melanin precipitation. You can eat more apples, tomatoes, carrots and other foods in your daily life to supplement.

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