How many methods can easily dispel acne and return your smooth back? I’ll teach you a few moves to remove acne easily and return your smooth back

The back of a person is a sexy hill. The back reveals countless information about women, which often gives people a lot of reveries and wonderful feelings. Sometimes when walking on the street, men don’t see your face at all, but they will be fascinated by your back. But what to do if you have acne on your back? Experts will teach you how to eliminate acne to make your back flawless.

Reasons for acne on the back

Reasons for acne on the back: physical reasons

The back is the reflection area of the lung. Lung heat or blockage of meridians and collaterals can cause acne on the back. It is recommended that you eat more white heat clearing foods, such as tremella, Sydney, white lotus, white radish, etc.

Reason 2 for acne on back: personal hygiene

If you sweat too much, your clothes stick to your back, and you don’t change them in time, it is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, you should change your clothes frequently, especially your underwear. In addition, we will come into contact with dust every day, and the bed will be dirty after being left for a long time. We should clean it and clean the bed. For example, the pillows and mats should be cleaned and exposed to the sun. The bed board should be cleaned to remove the dust. It is often changed every 3-4 months. It is better to hang mosquito nets to reduce the dust on the ceiling board falling on the bed.

Reasons for acne on the back three: not drying after bathing

Many people don’t like to dry after taking a bath, thinking that this can replenish water to their bodies. In fact, this practice is unscientific, because if they don’t dry their clothes in time after taking a bath, it is easy to breed bacteria when the clothes are wet and stuck on their backs. It is suggested that after taking a bath, the most important thing is to absorb the moisture on the body, press it dry with a towel, and then wear clothes.

Four reasons for acne on the back: skin allergy

Skin allergy may also cause acne on the back, such as using moisturizers that are not suitable for you, or towels and clothing, so find the allergen and avoid contact with the skin!

How does blain grow on the back do

1. Take a bath frequently

When the weather is hot, the skin secretions will increase, the bacteria will also increase, and the pores are easy to block. When taking a bath, try to use hot water. Not only should you take a bath frequently, but also the quality of each wash should be better.

2. Multiple movements

Exercise can improve metabolism. Sweating during exercise is also a way to excrete toxins. You must take a bath after exercise, otherwise too much secretion accumulated on the skin will also cause acne.

3. Good sleep

Poor sleep will lead to excessive sebum secretion. People who stay up all night will experience that if they don’t sleep all night, they will have enough oil on their faces to fry vegetables. To ensure sleep, you should not only get enough sleep, but also get up and go to bed regularly. It’s better to go to bed and get up early.

4. Diet

You can eat some food that detoxifies and clears away heat, such as white radish, lily, etc. try to eat less irritating food, such as spicy food, less greasy food, and more vegetables and fruits.

5. Bath products

It is very important to choose suitable bath products. You can choose shower gel with strong decontamination ability, or you can choose hand soap, especially bamboo charcoal soap, which has strong decontamination ability, high gentleness and is not easy to harm the skin. It can not only whiten and remove melanin, but also effectively lighten acne marks and clean the pores behind the skin.

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