How many tricks can I teach you to quickly change into Bai Fumi? I’ll teach you some ways to quickly change into white, rich and beautiful

Bai Fumi is now one of the most popular words. Now every woman wants to become Bai Fumi in her heart. How many women look at Fan Bingbing’s various blockbusters and Street Photos and envy her fair skin. Want to become that white, but don’t know how to whiten. In fact, if you want to be successful in whitening, how professional you are in whitening is an important factor! The following practical and professional knowledge about whitening will give you a test.

Q: Whitening essence must be packaged in a small bottle, otherwise it will lose efficacy quickly?

A: No matter what kind of maintenance products, it is safer to choose small bottle mouth packaging, which can maintain the activity of ingredients for as long as possible and is not easy to be contaminated with bacteria. So it’s unnecessary for many people to get lost in the type of essence. Must the dropper essence fail slowly? It is more beautiful and easy to master the original intention of dosage. In the selection of whitening essence, vacuum pressure pump products are the most safe and effective.

Q: Many whitening products contain kojic acid, salicylic acid and other ingredients. Can sensitive muscles be used?

A: Whitening products usually have some acidic ingredients to help metabolize cutin, or we call it rejuvenation engineering. However, first of all, we need to understand the safety standard of their use in skin care. For example, the maximum concentration of ellagic acid should be 0.5%, the maximum concentration of tranexamic acid is about 3%, and the maximum dosage of common salicylic acid is 2%. As long as the product exceeds these concentrations, the product should be used with the help of a doctor no matter what skin condition. If it is sensitive muscle in the sensitive period, it is necessary to avoid these ingredients. First of all, you should keep your skin in a healthy state, and then consider advanced whitening and maintenance.

Q: I want to whiten. Is it necessary to exfoliate regularly?

A: Exfoliation is an essential part of whitening. It helps the skin metabolize melanin by accelerating the replacement cycle of exfoliation, so that dullness and spots are slowly exhausted. But there are a few points to note. If you are already using some chemical exfoliating products with strong effects, such as high concentration of fruit acid and salicylic acid, don’t maintain the fixed physical exfoliation work of cleaning or massage in the past. If you use laser surgery to whiten and lighten spots, try not to exfoliate again within one month after surgery, because laser surgery has made the stratum corneum weak and sensitive, and can no longer bear external stimuli.

Q: Are European and American products suitable for Oriental skin?

A: There is no doubt that there are differences in skin quality between East and West, so most European and American brands will adjust the formula provided by Asia to local conditions. As for whitening, you can rest assured that the largest whitening market in the world is in Asia. As far as I know, many whitening laboratories of European and American brands are set up in Japan and China, and they are almost completely tailored to Asian skin.

Q: With VC rich tablets and fruit DIY, the whitening effect is not worse than that of big brands?

A: DIY care has always been a controversial topic, and the price is indeed economical, and I feel that the dosage of the main ingredients is definitely far more than that of maintenance products. However, there are two most serious problems involved. One is the problem of absorption. It is difficult to extract the effective ingredients into the molecular size that can be absorbed by the skin in time for the facial mask or face cream made by ourselves. Even if more raw materials are added, it will be useless for the skin not to absorb them. Another problem is bacterial pollution. When you operate yourself, you will go through many links, all of which are handled in an open environment. It is very easy to be contaminated with bacterial dust, which will make your skin suffer more severe tests.

Q: Must I use a full set of whitening and skin care products?

A: Generally speaking, you can choose your own suitable maintenance products. In many cases, it is common to mix and match products and even brands. However, on the issue of whitening, the full set of products of the same brand is more ideal in use. Because whitening is a relatively complex subject, it is different from moisturizing and anti-aging treatment. It will be carried out simultaneously from many aspects, such as inhibiting melanin, replacing cutin and resisting light damage. Some brands will distribute ingredients in different product steps to ensure the maximum whitening effect. Once the products are mixed without understanding, it may be missing in some links or repeated care in some links.

However, in a set of whitening products, the whitening efficacy components of daily cream are often ranked in the last few places, and the whitening efficacy is not as good as the whitening essence; However, the content of facial cleanser is not only low, but also the stay time on the face is particularly short. It is more difficult to achieve the effect if it is washed off after a few minutes of massage; As for the facial mask, it can’t match the essence in ingredient concentration. Therefore, in a set of whitening products, from the perspective of cost-effectiveness, the whitening effect of essence is the largest.

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