What methods can whiten and freckle? Three whitening and freckle removing nursing methods are recommended

Everyone has a love of beauty, especially girls, who especially want to be white and tender.

However, with the growth of age, some spots began to appear on the face, and the skin became dark yellow, which had a great impact on the image.

So what methods can whiten and freckle? Experts have summarized some common small methods, hoping to help everyone recover their white and flawless faces.

1. White vinegar freckle removal: first prepare 20ml of white vinegar. After getting up every morning, pour white vinegar into warm water, with a ratio of 1:4, to clean the face, be careful with your eyes, and finally rinse it with cold water.

White vinegar has a bactericidal effect, and long-term use can dilute spots.

2. Self made milk honey facial mask: first take out the egg yolk from the egg and put it aside, pour the egg white into the facial mask bowl, then add an appropriate amount of milk, add an appropriate amount of honey into the bowl, and mix it evenly.

Put the compressed facial mask into the finished facial mask bowl, saturate it with absorption, clean the face and apply it on the face.

After 15 minutes, wash your face.

3. First, prepare 5 grams of safflower, 20 grams of brown sugar, 3 grams of green tea, and an appropriate amount of purified water. Pour the safflower, brown sugar, green tea and other materials into a water cup, add boiling water to boil them, and drink them after 5 minutes.

Safflower tea can effectively eliminate skin endotoxin, fade spots, improve skin metabolism, make skin clear, white, moist and shiny.

For beauty lovers, facial skin is very important, not only flawless but also fair, so as to improve their appearance and increase their self-confidence.

We must form a good habit at ordinary times, drink more hot water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, try not to stay up late at night, go to bed early and get up early to ensure adequate sleep.

If you feel anything wrong with your skin, you must take care of it in time!

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