What is the cause of dark yellow complexion? Introduction to the three knowledge points of dark yellow skin

In life, we often see that some women have dark yellow skin, yellow complexion and no luster, which not only looks bad, but also looks very old. In fact, this kind of problem is related to the health of the body. Sometimes when blood is full, the complexion will be ruddy, and when blood is insufficient, the above problems will occur, and the complexion will not be good. So what is the cause of dark yellow complexion.

How can conditioning be effective? Then I won’t say much. Let’s have a look! 1、 Skin yellowing factors: 1. Skin yellowing caused by poor blood circulation liver directly affects blood vessels, liver fire or liver qi stagnation is easy to form Qi and blood blockage, affecting the blood circulation of the face, and the skin is naturally dull.

2. Skin yellowing caused by pigment accumulation: the pigment is not effectively removed, and the skin yellowing is caused by long-term accumulation.

3. Ultraviolet radiation causes yellowing of the skin. Ultraviolet radiation is the killer of skin aging. It will cause confusion in texture, poor blood circulation, melanin accumulation, and make the skin dark yellow.

4. Skin yellowing caused by long-term staying up late and insufficient sleep. If you don’t have enough time to sleep because of staying up late, your liver and gallbladder won’t get enough rest, which can be manifested as rough skin, black spots, and yellowish complexion.

How to regulate the dark yellow skin of the body? Three major methods teach you to regulate dark yellow skin. Two, conditioning methods food conditioning method: food conditioning is far from being as fast as the above internal conditioning and external conditioning. To replenish both qi and blood, you need to take food and drugs that replenish blood and Qi to slowly regulate, and you must not be too hasty.

Food that supplements both qi and blood can both replenish qi and blood.

The commonly used foods are pork, pork belly, beef, chicken, etc. the traditional Chinese medicines that are often compatible with them are Codonopsis pilosula, astragalus, angelica, cooked land, etc.

Drug conditioning should be taken under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine.

1. It is advisable to eat more food with the function of nourishing blood and Qi.

2. It is advisable to eat warm food with mild nature and sweet taste.

3. It is advisable to eat more nutritious and easily digestible foods.

4. Properly eat more nutritious foods rich in high-quality protein, essential trace elements (iron, copper, etc.), folic acid and vitamin B12, which are “hematopoietic raw materials”.

5. The content of iron in vegetables is low and the absorption is poor, but fresh green vegetables are rich in folic acid.

Folic acid is involved in the production of hemoglobin. Folic acid deficiency can cause macrocytic anemia or mixed anemia.

Therefore, we should also eat more vegetables.

Internal adjustment and external Cultivation: it is better to choose some pure natural plant formula for internal adjustment.

External application is to make facial mask and so on.

If you take both measures, your dark yellow complexion is expected to improve soon. In addition, eat more soy products, or take pollen honey, and supplement estrogen appropriately.

3、 Tips 1. Get enough sleep.

As the saying goes: men rely on food, women rely on sleep.

Also, don’t smoke and drink less. 2. Don’t wipe your face with a towel after washing, but press it with a towel to absorb water, because it is easy to break the bottom layer of the skin. 3. Diet: avoid eating fried food, instant noodles Barbecue and other junk food (in case friends and colleagues make an appointment to play and want to eat barbecue, you can prepare a fruit with high VC content such as Kiwi fruit and kiwi fruit, which can minimize the harm of barbecue food to your body).

Honey and royal jelly are very good for regulating the body, especially the intestines and stomach! As long as you are constipated, your face will certainly be bad, and if you are serious, you will have acne, pimples, pustules and so on. If the sewer of your body is blocked, it will be useless to smear it with even more advanced skin care products! The above is the little knowledge about how to improve the dullness of skin for all of you. I believe that after reading this article, you will have a deeper understanding of your skin care work. There are many factors affecting the dullness of skin color, so we need to know what our skin condition is before we take care of it. In this way, we can suit the remedy to the case and produce better results. Moreover, dietary supplements also have good effects, With a good work and rest and lifestyle, the effect of internal adjustment and external cultivation will be better.

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