What can I eat to dispel acne? What is the most effective way to dispel acne?

Eating the right food can make you white, but eating the wrong food may make you black, such as the following food

Studies on foods containing rare elements such as zinc, copper and iron have proved that tyrosinase activity is closely related to copper, iron and zinc in the body

People often eat foods rich in MOET and rare elements zinc, copper and iron, such as animal viscera liver and kidney, crustaceans clam, crab, conch and oyster, aquatic products black fish roe, beans, lentils, green beans and red beans, hard shelled fruits peanuts, walnuts, black sesame seeds and raisins, so that their skin color is darker

Therefore, people living by the sea and fishermen who catch fish have darker skin because they eat more of the above aquatic products

Sun protection of photosensitive vegetables is a must for everyone. While doing enough sun protection for the skin, don’t ruin your sun protection efforts on eating

Nutrition experts tell us that there is a kind of food with strong photosensitivity. If taken in large quantities, it will reduce the skin’s sun resistance and accelerate the skin’s darkening

Generally speaking, photosensitive food includes snail, shepherd’s purse, rape, spinach, lettuce, fig, coriander, celery, leek, red bean, etc

These foods contain photosensitive substances. After ultraviolet irradiation, the skin is prone to allergy, inflammation, pigmentation and other phenomena

Of course, these foods have their own unique nutrients, which does not require you to completely give up eating them, as long as you don’t overeat them or don’t eat them before going out

Photosensitive fruits such as lemon, papaya and cucumber are photosensitive, and citrus fruits are basically photosensitive

Generally speaking, most fruits with shiny surfaces are light-sensitive

After eating such photosensitive vegetables and fruits, you should avoid the sun or eat them at night, because fruits like citrus have become powerful whitening soldiers if they are eaten at night! In the midsummer season, you should eat more vegetables and fruits that inhibit pigmentation and make your skin white, such as Kiwi, strawberry, tomato, cabbage, cauliflower, etc

When skin injury or scald recovers, try to eat less photosensitive vegetables and fruits! Fried food fried food is a good thing for many people. Eating fried food that smells spicy and delicious can do great harm

Fried food is not only easy to get fat, but also contains oxides that will accelerate the aging of the skin, so eat as little as possible

If you can’t help it, you may as well supplement some foods with vitamin E before eating to resist aging, such as pumpkin, rubber, spinach, carrots, whole wheat bread, peanuts, sesame, brown rice, etc

Additives: the internal organs of healthy people will maintain normal metabolism and smooth melanin discharge

Too many artificial additives in food will cause burden on the viscera, cause melanin precipitation, and form black spots and freckles

In modern life, many foods have additives. To whiten, you should be careful

Chicken essence, preservatives, artificial colors and other food additives will increase the burden on the viscera, which is not conducive to the discharge of melanin, resulting in the formation of black spots and freckles

It may be difficult for you not to eat these foods you like, but in order to whiten, you should learn to be as restrained as possible

What foods can whiten the skin? Vitamin C can interrupt the process of melanin production, prevent the generated DOPA ammonia from being further oxidized and reduced to dopa, reduce the content of oxidase in serum, affect the activity of tyrosinase, and thus interfere with the biosynthesis of melanin. If you want to make your skin white, you may as well eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, oranges, lemons, hawthorn, citrus, etc

Vitamin C can reduce melanin, reduce and even remove black spots and freckles, and accelerate the restoration and whitening of skin

At the same time, don’t drink too much coffee or too strong coffee, otherwise your skin will turn black easily

In daily life, if you often eat foods rich in substances necessary for melanin metabolism, or constantly supplement foods that can enhance tyrosinase activity, your skin tends to be darker

On the contrary, if you regularly eat foods that can interrupt the metabolism of melanin, your skin will often be fairer

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