Can white vinegar whiten? How can white vinegar whiten

My skin is dark yellow and spotted, and I am not confident to go out. However, cheap skin care products are ineffective, and the price of effective skin care products is too expensive. What should we do? Don’t worry, today, Xiaobian will introduce to you the effective and cost-effective white vinegar whitening method.

can white vinegar whiten

People who often whiten will find that because beauty and whitening work is not easy to do, they are very careful when choosing methods, for fear that there are excessive whitening ingredients in skin care products that will affect their health. White vinegar whitening method is a natural whitening method that beauty experts are more interested in. This whitening method is not only safe and convenient, but also can be carried out at home. Let’s take a look at the specific operation of white vinegar whitening.

The main function of white vinegar whitening is to remove aged horniness, and in addition, it can resist oxidation, which is another big harvest for women who love beauty. Washing their faces with vinegar water can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells, restore the luster and elasticity of skin, soften the stratum corneum and whiten, and kill bacteria.

white vinegar whitening method

1. Wash your face with white vinegar

Every time you wash your face, put a small basin of water, add a small amount (about two tablespoons) of white vinegar, pour it into the water, mix it well, throw it on your face, or simply immerse your face in warm water. Then pour out the water and start the normal facial washing procedure.

White vinegar can reduce wrinkles: after washing your face at night, take 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 3 teaspoons of water, dip them in cotton balls, gently rub them on the wrinkled parts of your face, and then gently massage them with your finger belly to clean them. This method can help eliminate small wrinkles on the face.

Wash the face and hands of tender skin first, then immerse in warm water with vinegar to wash the face and hands, and wash them with clean water after 5 minutes. Doing this for a long time can make the skin smooth and delicate. The amount of vinegar added to the water should be small, and the water should not change color.

2. Freckle removal

Mix a proper amount of Atractylodes macrocephala with white vinegar, seal and soak for a week. After washing your face every day, wipe the long spots on your face, which can gradually eliminate and fade away over time.

3. Whitening and acne removing

When cleaning the face skin in the morning and evening, add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to the washing water, fully mix the white vinegar with water, then wash the face, and finally rinse the face with clean water.

Warm reminder: washing your face with white vinegar can astringe your skin and whiten and remove acne, but you must not wash your face directly with vinegar, otherwise it will easily damage your face.

precautions for washing face with white vinegar

1. Pay attention to the amount of white vinegar

Wash your face with white vinegar. You only need a small spoonful of white vinegar each time. You don’t need to put a lot of white vinegar in it. This will irritate the skin, cause the skin to become thinner and thinner, easily increase fine lines and become dry.

Because our skin needs an adaptation process, it’s better to put less white vinegar, just put a spoon in the small spoon of soup.

2. Pay attention to the type of facial cleanser

When washing your face with white vinegar, you can use facial cleanser with moisturizing effect. After washing your face in this way, your face will still be moist and not easy to dry. Do not use facial cleanser containing a large amount of salicylic acid, which will easily wash your skin.

Facial cleanser is best selected according to skin type. Mousse facial cleanser can be selected for oily skin, that is, the one that can squeeze out foam. For medium dryness, low foam facial cleanser can be selected.

3. Pay attention to the frequency of face washing

Wash your face with white vinegar. You don’t need to wash twice a day. If you are too diligent, it is not conducive to the normal coordination of facial oil. Wash your face once a day at most, and it is best to put it before going to bed.

conclusion: we need to pay more attention to and understand these in the process of beauty and skin care.

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