I will introduce you the methods of loofah freckle removing and whitening

In modern society, many female friends begin to pay attention to their own skin. How can women whiten? You want to become a white and beautiful beauty, but your face is always troubled by all kinds of color spots. Do you know what women should do for whitening and skin care? What aspects can women whitening and freckling start from? Today, Xiaobian will take you to see how loofah can remove freckles and whiten, and see what methods can effectively whiten and freckle in life?

four effects of loofah for whitening and freckling

Loofah is a very common vegetable in daily life. It is a very good food in summer and autumn. Most people love it very much! Autumn is a good opportunity for health care, especially for female friends. What are the benefits of eating more loofah? How does loofah help female friends to freckle and whiten easily?

eating loofah whitens and lightens spots

Loofah has high nutritional value. Loofah contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, citrulline, riboflavin and other B vitamins and vitamin C, as well as ginsenoside, an ingredient contained in ginseng.

Loofah is sweet in taste and flat in nature. It has the effects of clearing summer heat and cooling blood, detoxifying and relieving constipation, dispelling wind and phlegm, moistening muscles and beautifying skin, unblocking meridians, moving blood vessels, and lowering milk. Its collaterals, seeds, vines, flowers and leaves can be used as medicine.

It is good for female friends to eat more loofah. Loofah contains rich anti-aging ingredients, which can effectively delay aging. There are also many vitamin C, which can whiten the skin and eliminate color spots. It is a good beauty holy product! Eating loofah for a long time can also smooth the skin, and loofah water can also be used to wash the face! There are so many loofah beauty effects. Come and see what are the specific benefits!

“Jasper beauty” — four health preserving effects of loofah

1. Treat excessive foot sweat

Burn the old loofah into charcoal, grind it into fine powder, scatter it in the shoes, and wear it barefoot for half a month.

2. Brain health and beauty

Because of the high content of vitamin B in loofah, it is conducive to the brain development of children and the brain health of middle-aged and old people; The juice of loofah vine has the special function of keeping skin elastic, which can beautify and wrinkle;

3. Whitening and anti-aging

Loofah juice is known as “beauty water”. It contains B vitamins to prevent skin aging, vitamin C to whiten skin and other ingredients, which can protect skin, eliminate plaque, and make skin white and tender.

Cut off the growing loofah vine, and use gauze dipped in loofah water to smear the juice on your face or skin, which can moisturize your muscles and prevent wrinkles; You can also grind the loofah directly into juice, mix in an appropriate amount of honey or glycerin, and the effect is better.

4. Irregular menstruation

Use 1 loofah, add 1 bowl of water to fry it, and drink it regularly to regulate it. Dry the silk melon seeds, add 1 bowl of water to fry them, add a small amount of brown sugar after the water boils, and warm them with yellow rice wine once in the morning and once in the evening, which is effective for regulating menstrual disorders.

One old loofah, dried and ground into fine powder, 9g each time, mixed with salt and boiled water. It can treat menorrhagia.

6 kinds of whitening and freckle removing porridge for women’s diet and beauty therapy

Every woman wants a white and beautiful face, so whitening and freckling have always been a hot topic for female friends! I don’t know how many skin care products I have used, but they just don’t have the effect of whitening and freckling. In fact, it costs a lot of money to have white and healthy skin easily! We can usually whiten and freckle through dietotherapy, which is very simple. Come and learn!

I. Chinese yam and Chinese wolfberry porridge – removing color spots

Raw materials: 100g japonica rice, 50g fresh yam, 15g Chinese wolfberry, 15g white sugar, 10g honey, 1500ml cold water.

Production procedure

1. Wash the japonica rice, soak it in cold water for one hour, then take it out and drain the water.

2. Peel the fresh yam, scrape it clean, and cut it into small diced pieces for use. Soak Chinese wolfberry seeds in warm water.

3. Add 1500 ml of cold water into the pot, add japonica rice, Chinese yam and Chinese wolfberry, and bring to a boil over high fire. Turn to low fire to cook until soft and rotten. Add sugar and honey when eating.

Effects of Medicinal Diet: replenish blood, nourish skin and eliminate color spots.

II. Mixed fruit soup – relieving summer heat and removing freckles

Raw materials: one pear, one apple, one banana, one Pineapple, one kiwi, four strawberries, 20g starch, 15g sugar, 10g honey, and proper cold water.

Production procedure

1. Wash pears, apples, bananas, pineapples, kiwifruit and strawberries and dice them for use.

2. Add a proper amount of water into the pot, add all the diced fruits, bring to a boil over high heat, and then turn to low heat to boil. After the fruit is boiled, add sugar, then pour water and starch, push with a spoon while pouring, and then put honey into the soup basin after boiling.

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