What bad habits can lead to darker and darker skin

Whitening is what we women all aspire to. Fair skin must be what everyone pursues. Whitening also needs good attention. Then why can’t some people whiten you? In fact, caring for your skin, whitening and skin care are women’s lifelong careers, but many women find themselves unable to whiten. Why? What are the reasons for this.

What are the reasons for not being able to do this?

melanin overproduction

The face is more black than the legs and arms. This is the specific manifestation of excessive melanin production. The main reason is that sun protection is not done well!

skin moisture is insufficient

Whitening and moisturizing are inseparable! For skin lacking of water, the cutin regulating function will decline, the skin’s resistance to pollution and sunshine will decline, and the skin will naturally have a dark complexion. Therefore, pay attention to moisturizing while whitening.

too much waste cutin

Too much wasted horniness slows the metabolism of the skin, and it is difficult for melanin to disappear. Moreover, no matter how much whitening and maintenance products are applied, it is difficult for melanin to enter the skin and be absorbed. Therefore, regular exfoliation must not be lazy.

colored substance precipitation

Eating too much carotenoid like foods (such as carrots, papaya, oranges, tomatoes, etc.) will cause temporary skin yellowing. This situation is well solved. If you stop eating these foods for a few days, your skin will not be so yellow.

common whitening misconceptions make you unable to whiten

think you don’t need whitening

“My skin is white enough, so I don’t need to whiten it anymore.” stop! Your idea is very wrong. Even white eyebrows will have spots, uneven skin color and other problems! So, whitening is a lifelong career, and the biggest role of whitening and maintenance is to help the skin block the production of melanin, break up existing spots, and make the skin look even and bright.

medicated whitening is mild and reliable

This statement is only half right. It is worth noting that some cosmetics and skin care products contain certain alcohol, which will make the cuticle of the skin thinner. Although it can whiten the skin, it also destroys the tissue of the skin, making it more sensitive and vulnerable.

I was deceived. Although there is no sunlight at night, there are moonlight and lights. They are also dead from the light. These are all ultraviolet rays! Therefore, it is also necessary to do a good job of skin protection when sleeping at night. In addition, it is best to turn off the light when sleeping.

if you wear sunscreen, you won’t have an umbrella.

I thought I’d be all right if I put on sunscreen. I don’t need an umbrella anymore! Don’t be naive. Sunscreens have different values, also divided into waterproof and non waterproof. Non waterproof sunscreens are easy to lose their efficacy after mm sweat, and they are more likely to blacken under the sun.

don’t wash your face before going to bed

Dust in the air, radiation from computers, and unknown bacteria will lead to the rapid loss of skin moisture, making the skin look dull and dull. They are the great enemies of whitening. Therefore, it is best to clean your face with facial cleanser with whitening and moisturizing effect before going to bed.

I. wash your face with hot water

Cleaning is a big secret of beauty, but the effect depends on the water temperature when washing your face. The ideal temperature is the same as the skin (about 30 ℃), because too cold soap is not easy to dissolve, and too hot will make your skin rough. The same is true for washing hands in hot water. People who work with their hands soaked in hot water for a long time have rough hands. This is because hot water makes sebum disappear from their skin. If there is less oil, wrinkles and chaps will appear, and it is difficult to recover, so when the hands and face are not too dirty, wash your face and hands with cool water, which will keep your skin youthful.

II. Over steamed noodles

Some people steam noodles every day, thinking that they can expand pores and remove dirt therein, but the result is a red face. This is due to excessive expansion of capillaries. In fact, the effect of steam noodles on cleaning skin is general. Even if the pores are enlarged at that moment, the dirt in them will not flow out automatically.

III. frequent bathing

Frequent bathing will dry the skin, especially in winter. When taking a bath, you should use mild soap and warm water, and don’t rub every inch of your skin with foam. Experts suggest that you wash more and wipe less when taking a bath, especially the lower leg parts.

4. Break the slit hair with your hands

It is often seen that some women break the hair of the slit with their hands, or even tear the hair of the slit upward. Such a result will only make the hair more damaged. The wise way is to get a haircut and trim as soon as possible.

v. don’t clean hair combs often

Many people are willing to spend money on shampoo and styling products. Although they serve their hair meticulously every day, they turn a blind eye to dirty hair combs. How can their hair be dark and healthy in the long run? Dirty hair combs hide bacteria

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