Learn more about the 7 Whitening Tips

Skin care must be a very important and meticulous work. Women are very concerned about their skin, and how to maintain it is also very concerned. June is coming, and the flowers in the courtyard are telling us that spring is coming. If we don’t take advantage of the tail of spring to whiten, we will soon enter the season of meat exposure in summer!

Many girls think that whitening is only needed in summer. In fact, such an idea is absolutely unacceptable. The ultraviolet rays in summer are higher than those in the other three seasons. The pleasant climate in spring is also a time to increase the maintenance of the skin and whiten it quickly. So today, Xiaobian will tell you some tips for whitening in spring. We must listen carefully!

method 1: exfoliate to accelerate skin purification

Most of the skin is dry and fragile in winter, especially the fierce haze will make the skin very sensitive. Considering that the climate does not allow, it is best not to exfoliate the skin in winter. But the warm spring is coming, and the skin is also starting to become more active from the fragile and sensitive state. If your skin is wrapped by a thick stratum corneum at this time, no matter how good the whitening product is, it can not be absorbed by the skin. So whether it is the Exfoliating Gel or the scrub, use it quickly to make your skin clean and energetic!

method 2: stop foolishly believing in whitening recipes

Many girls wash their faces with rice washing water and various kinds of water, just to achieve the whitening effect. But Xiaobian wants to say that these water, which is even dirtier than tap water, can’t really be used to wash your face, OK? If you want to make your skin really white, the most important thing is to wash your face with warm water and use a facial cleanser with a moderate degree of cleanliness to make your skin moderately clean after a day of exposure to the sun and wind.

method 3: Essence products are more suitable for spring

In recent years, essence has become more and more popular. There are many moisturizing essence, whitening essence and anti-aging essence. Because the texture of essence is easy to absorb, the effect is more far, and it is applicable to almost any skin type. So, if you want to turn white into a flash of lightning in spring, can’t you really need whitening essence? After using up the lotion, you can massage the whole face with some essence to make the skin absorb well.

method 4: the applied facial mask is more suitable for long-term whitening

Many girls know that applying whitening facial mask can brighten skin tone, but how to keep the skin as shiny as the facial mask at the next moment needs to be carefully selected. The short-term moisturizing and whitening effect of the sheet-like facial mask is very obvious, but it is not long-lasting enough. And the absorption of the smeared facial mask is better, just like the moisturizing feeling of the thick face cream, it can also keep the skin elastic, and the most important thing is that the effect is more lasting. So don’t hesitate to use it.

method 5: keep skin active and avoid external injury

Many girls will ask: why do some people’s skin just can’t get tanned? Even if it doesn’t take long to get tanned, they can get back white soon. Xiaobian would like to say: in addition to the natural genetic problems, the most important thing is to keep the skin active, give the skin a detoxification massage regularly every day, and use some rejuvenating products to keep the skin in a functional state.

method 6: collagen must be supplemented

I believe anyone who has a certain understanding of skin care will know that collagen is the fundamental reason for maintaining skin activity, and the loss of collagen will also make our skin dark. Therefore, if we want to whiten quickly, we must not ignore the supplement of collagen. It is recommended to eat more liquid collagen products, or supplement soy products appropriately to make the skin full.

method 7: you must not forget the old stem of sunscreen.

The main reason why the skin turns black is still caused by ultraviolet rays. Xiaobian really doesn’t want to say more about the need to wear sunscreen all year round. According to your skin type, it is recommended to use products with a slightly higher sun protection factor in spring. Mild sun protection is enough to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays in spring.

what to eat for whitening in spring

1. Drink more honey

Research has proved that washing our face with honey can accelerate the metabolism of our skin, enhance the antibacterial power and vitality of our skin, effectively reduce the deposition of melanin, prevent skin dryness, make our skin whiter, tender and smooth, prevent acne and eliminate wrinkles, and play the role of beauty and skin care.

In particular, honey has a strong antioxidant effect, which can remove the “garbage” – oxygen free radicals in the body, so it has the effect of maintaining youth and anti-aging, eliminating and reducing skin wrinkles and age spots, and looks young and beautiful. Therefore, take 20-30g of ji’antang natural mature honey in the morning and evening every day. Long term persistence can make rough skin tender and moist.

2. Eat more fruits with high vitamin C

To have healthy and bright skin that is not easy to sunburn, almost every dermatologist will ask you to eat 2-3 portions of high-dimensional C fruits every day, such as guava, kiwi fruit and strawberry. Kiwifruit, in particular, is rich in vitamin C, which can interfere with melanin production and help eliminate freckles on the skin. In addition, if you want to have skin with strong resistance to ultraviolet rays, you must also take sufficient vitamin E to prevent skin aging, vitamin A to increase skin resistance and calcium to increase skin elasticity, which can be obtained from food.

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