How to care for dark yellow skin? Let’s take a look

For skin care, it must be necessary to pay more attention to maintenance. In case of dark yellow and acne, it is necessary to pay more attention to maintenance. We all know that a series of external and internal factors, such as staying up late, air pollution, unhealthy diet, radiation, excessive makeup and so on, will affect our skin. If it is not well cared for, it will only get worse and worse, which is a fatal blow to the little fairy. So how can we save our skin in a short time? Please accept the following self-help guide.

the first step of self rescue: fight against dull skin

Method: wash your face with milk for five days.

Is it possible to “change your skin” in five days? Many people think that this is Arabian Nights. In fact, as long as you wash your face with milk, you can do it. Before washing our face with milk, we need to ensure that the cleanliness of our skin reaches a clean standard. Only after washing our face with fresh milk can we use fresh milk. First, gently pat the milk on your face and repeat it five times; Apply more milk to the face for three minutes and wash it with clean water. As long as you persist for five days, your dark and waxy complexion will all go away.

Step 2 of self rescue: fight against dry skin

Method: moisturizing facial mask for five days.

Although dry skin occurs every season, it is most serious in spring and autumn. So how can fairies help themselves in the face of such skin problems? Very simple, just need a moisturizing facial mask. Choose a moisturizing facial mask suitable for your skin. After washing your face and applying it for five consecutive days, your skin will become watery.

Step 3 of self rescue: fight against sudden acne

Methods: fresh radish juice for 2 days.

Acne always appears inexplicably sometimes, especially when there is an important appointment or work, which makes people headache. What are the emergency first aid measures? Of course, choose a fresh radish, grind the skin into juice, apply it to the acne area, and wash it off with water 15 minutes later. It can reduce inflammation and detoxify, and will not leave scars.

self rescue step 4: fight eye swelling

Method: raise the pillow for one night.

Sometimes I drink too much water before going to bed or cry bitterly. When I get up the next day, I will find that I have become swollen eyes, which is particularly ugly. If you have such experience, you can choose to lift your pillow before going to bed, so that water will not accumulate on your eyelids, and your eyes will not swell the next day.

self rescue step 5: fight against dark circles under the eyes

Method: apply eye cream and massage in 30 seconds.

Whether you stay up late to work or catch up with the drama, as long as you stay up late the next day, it is easy to have dark circles under your eyes, like a national treasure. How to quickly eliminate the dark circles under your eyes? It’s very simple. Take out your eye cream, apply it to the place with dark circles under your eyes, and massage it in circles for 30 times, which can quickly fade the black. If you don’t believe it, try it yourself.

conclusion: ladies and sisters all know how to protect your skin. If you have these conditions, you still need to take more care of your skin. Of course, you should also look at the introduction of this article. The above five tips are self-help guides to fight against skin problems, hoping to help the fairies.

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