What bean products can you eat to whiten

As the saying goes, “one white covers a hundred ugly things”, this is not bad at all. I believe that many female friends have made a lot of efforts on the road of whitening, and some methods are effective, but some methods are not effective. The following Xiaobian tells you a little trick in daily life. It takes neither time nor effort. As long as you persist, you can achieve the effect.

This little trick is to eat more tofu and bean products. Some friends may want to ask, can eating tofu whiten? The answer is that eating tofu can whiten, but only if you eat it for a long time. Because tofu is made of soybeans, it is rich in vegetable protein, water-soluble fiber, fat, vitamins, minerals and soft phospholipids. It has very high nutritional value. It can also reduce blood fat, moisten the lungs, promote blood circulation, and effectively moisturize and whiten the skin. The dishes made of tofu are simple, delicious and cheap, and can also maintain the body and whiten the skin from the inside out. The homemade facial mask made of tofu is safe, non allergic and has a good moisturizing and whitening effect. Tofu can be regarded as an all-round good thing for internal and external beauty.

What bean products can whiten

1. Soybean milk

It will be made by grinding, filtering and boiling soybeans after running with water, which is very nutritious. It is easy to digest and contains a variety of nutrients such as protein. The content of protein is higher than that of milk. Regular drinking can achieve a very good whitening effect, usually moistening the lungs, especially practical.

2. Tofu facial mask

Cut the tofu into thin slices of about one centimeter. After cleaning the skin at night, evenly apply it on the face. After half an hour, take off the tofu slice and gently massage it on the face with your hands, and then apply other moisturizing and whitening skin care products. Twice a week, in less than a month, your skin will become as white and tender as tofu.

3. Braised Tofu with broccoli

Cut the broccoli into small sections, then heat the pot, pour in a proper amount of oil and stir fry with ginger slices, then pour in the drained broccoli and stir fry, and finally add the fried tofu and seasoning to stir fry slowly for a few minutes. Broccoli and tofu can play a very good role in beauty and skin care.

4. Bean sprouts

Bean sprouts contain a large amount of carotene, hygiene elements and other nutrients beneficial to people. Regular consumption of bean sprouts can increase appetite, prevent hypertension and other diseases, and make skin more delicate and smooth, achieving good skin care. It is a good whitening food.

other whitening methods

1. Take more vitamins

You should know that vitamins A, C and E can not only regulate human functions and improve immunity, but also improve skin tissues and inhibit pigmentation. Eating more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins at ordinary times, such as tomatoes, hawthorn, oranges, cabbage, etc., can not only make the skin white, but also increase the vitality of the skin.

2. Remember to exfoliate every week

Too much aged horniness accumulates on the face, which makes the skin look dull and lusterless. Therefore, it is important to exfoliate. You can choose scrub exfoliation products or gently wipe the skin with makeup cotton.

3. You must massage your skin.

Beauty experts said that the microvessels in the dermis are divided into deep and shallow parts. The deep blood vessels are used to regulate body temperature, and the shallow blood vessels are responsible for supplying epidermal nutrition. Massage has a magical effect on providing oxygen to the skin and enhancing its vitality. Moderate friction can promote blood circulation, accelerate blood supply to the skin, and make the skin white and healthy.

Tofu and bean products are not only cheap but also delicious. They also have different eating methods, which is a good auxiliary choice for partners who try different whitening methods. You can try other whitening methods at the same time, adhere to eating bean products, which not only has nutrition and whitening, but also has the effect of losing weight.

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