Star folding teaches you to make beautiful handicrafts

Paper stars are a very beautiful handicraft. People often put hundreds of stars in bottles as gifts to others. The star folding method is very simple and convenient, and the time and materials are not much.

For the friends who are still in school, origami should be very familiar, especially girls. Almost everyone has been exposed to this kind of handicraft. As we all know, there are many kinds of origami. People can use paper to make all kinds of small things, some like animals and some like plants. Of course, among the many origami papers, the star is a relatively common one. It is not only very convenient and simple to fold, but also very beautiful to make.

So, do you know how to fold the stars?

1. Preparation of materials

Before doing this, friends need to prepare some materials, such as paper of various colors. Of course, friends must not use any very soft paper. They must choose a slightly harder paper, otherwise it will not be formed. If you prepare a whole piece of paper instead of one by one, you need to prepare a knife.

2. Knot

Tie the prepared pieces of paper into a knot, just like the way we usually tie the knot with a rope. However, the knot should be smoothed out so that the paper can not be tied, but made into a pentagonal shape. During this process, it should be noted that one end of the paper strip should not be exposed too much, or it will not be beautiful when folded, and the paper head can be exposed by half a centimeter.

3. Wrap around

Wrap the long piece of paper along the periphery of the Pentagon. Pay attention to wrap it in the oblique direction, not in the opposite direction, otherwise the stars will be irregular. In addition, the folded paper should be plugged into the gaps of the stars, so as not to expose it outside.

4. Squeeze

Take the preliminarily folded star in your hand, and press it toward the middle with your fingers on its five sides, so that the middle point of each side is recessed inward and the middle position is bulged. After the five sides are finished, the star is finished.

In short, such a star is very easy to make.

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