Why is it harder to fall in love as you grow older?

Now many people say that it’s hard for them to move. In fact, it’s just that they have been hurt too many times. It’s very easy to move to a person when love is just beginning. But as the age grows, it is difficult to move. The love behind is always less than the first love sinus.

Nowadays, there are more and more single friends in life, and they may have been single for many years. Sometimes, most of the so-called “don’t want to talk” we hear are just superficial prevarication of things that are not true, and more of them are due to personal experience.

In fact, they may be afraid to fall in love because of the scars in their hearts and they dare not trust others. No one is born to lose confidence in liking a person. Perhaps choosing to be single is a relatively comfortable choice for them. The loss of confidence stems from the accumulation of love despair, resulting in powerlessness and despair, self deception and helpless self entanglement. Therefore, it is safe for us to choose to close our hearts and not to let ourselves become emotional again.

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Many times, because of the deep pain in the heart, although I still yearn for love, I can’t put myself into a relationship. I have tried my best, I have tried the despair after being hurt and abandoned, I have already learned that sometimes I can’t get what I want when I feel like heart to heart, and I have already known that the person will not be sentimental because of his obsession.

Too true, too spare no effort, often get not too much attention to the feelings. When we believe that this life must be a person, perhaps what we gain is reckless contempt.

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It is said that the more people grow up, the more lonely they become. In fact, loneliness is not unaccompanied, but inner loneliness that no one can understand. Loneliness is a kind of normality, and even most of the time it makes us feel safer. Accustomed to loneliness, it’s hard to be attracted to another person, and I’m not willing to squeeze into my life harder than others.

Maybe you will feel tired because you have others in your heart, always cater to others, and maybe you will not be cherished. It’s tiring to have others in your heart, and it’s even more tiring to cater to them without being cherished. You just pretend to be yourself. It’s selfish on the surface, but in essence, you have no choice.

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In this life, love will not be only once, but the future love will not be as hard as the first time. Under the speculation of transposition, no matter love or marriage, it is the moment when we meet the right person in our hearts and choose to be together. We will give up other possibilities.
The faint pain has not been completely dissipated. I have too many doubts and recognition abilities about too many people and things, so it is impossible to deceive myself and others. With the increase of age, the indifference to love will intensify the self-restraint and self-discipline of the love between men and women. No longer love, not because you don’t want to, but because reason and experience tell you that everything goes against your wishes.

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