What is muscle ache after drinking? What are the rescue measures

Moderate drinking is beneficial to health. It can speed up blood circulation and promote metabolism, which is related to personal conditions and personal status. When the state is good, it will be fine. When the state is bad, alcohol will be metabolized slowly in the body, producing lactic acid and causing muscle pain.

Because everyone’s constitution is different, some people will not get drunk after drinking a lot of wine, while some people will get drunk easily after drinking a lot of wine, and there will be some other symptoms, such as making their muscles become sore. So, what is the reason when your body is in such a state? Let’s have a look.

1. It is because of poisoning

In fact, you can find out by checking or consulting. If you drink a lot of wine, you will bring toxins to your body. When these toxins enter your body, they will have some side effects on some of your organs. When they enter your muscles, your joints and muscles will slowly become sore.

2. Eat Xiangke’s food

Nowadays, many friends like to eat and drink together. Sometimes, they order a lot of food and then order a lot of wine. However, some food conflicts with wine, and when they eat and drink together, they may be poisoned. Therefore, we should not worry too much. We should check as soon as possible, especially our own blood, to see if we are disturbed by toxins. If so, it is better to go to the hospital for treatment.

3. I am too tired

If your body is in such a condition, I suggest you think about your physical condition to see if you haven’t had a good rest for a long time. Because when people are very tired, especially if they don’t sleep enough, after drinking alcohol, they will get excited, but their muscles will also become sore, so long as they sleep well.

4. Drink some milk

If you feel particularly uncomfortable after drinking wine, or even when your muscles feel sore, you can take out a box of milk to drink, because the ingredients contained in milk can relieve some alcohol. In addition, you can also eat some soda biscuits, which are good for your health, so you can try to improve your health.

Therefore, we should drink less wine at ordinary times. If you meet some parties, you may need to drink water, but for Baijiu, you can drink less. For example, if the alcohol is low, you can drink more. However, you can’t drink too much. No matter what kind of wine, drinking too much is bad for your health, so you should pay attention.

For ordinary people, after drinking wine, they will not have such a situation, and it is not good to have too big problems. If you don’t drink a lot of alcohol after drinking, your muscles will be in such a state, which means that your body is susceptible to alcohol. For such a physique, we should not be careless and stop drinking.

In fact, a little wine is good. Because wine enters your body, it can accelerate the blood circulation in your body, and thus make your body’s metabolism stronger. However, if you want to have this effect, it depends on everyone’s physical condition, which is related to everyone’s physique. Therefore, you can try to drink a little first, and then drink it appropriately according to your own physical condition.

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