Will you lose weight by running every day? When is it better to lose weight by running

The two words “running” and “losing weight” are basically linked together. Basically, when it comes to losing weight, the first exercise method I think of is running. Do you lose weight by running every day? Let’s learn about it today.

Whether it’s running to lose weight or other ways to lose weight. As long as you want to lose weight successfully through scientific and healthy methods, the secret is only two words, that is, persistence. Will you lose weight by running every day? Let’s learn about it today.

Of course, it is possible to lose weight by running every day. Running can be said to be one of the few sports that can exercise the whole body, including the arms, abdomen and legs, which are easy to push fat.

Jogging is a kind of fat reduction training, mainly to reduce the excess fat on your body. Jogging for more than 30 minutes will consume 70% of the calories, and jogging for more than 40 minutes will consume 80% of the calories. For the purpose of losing weight, the running time should not be less than 30 minutes, and the speed should be slower to maintain uniform breathing. The 30 minute slow running can not only deplete the glycogen in the body, but also use the fat in the body. And because the slow and long-distance running is not very intense, it will not make the body excessively lack of oxygen, so it is helpful to the consumption of fat, so as to achieve the goal of losing weight.

Try not to run in the morning. Many of us may think that running in the morning is the best time, but it is not. The air quality in the morning is the worst stage of the day, especially on foggy mornings. And the human body just woke up from sleep in the morning, which is not suitable for high-intensity exercise.

The most suitable time of day for running is from 5:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon, because this time is the time when the body’s motor cells and metabolism are most active. The second is 8-9 p.m., which is suitable for people to eat dinner for 2-3 hours. If you go running at this time, it can play a very good role in consuming excess body heat and fat. In addition, running at night can improve the quality of sleep and make you more energetic the next day.

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