How much did you win from the little-known truth of love?

Recently, there have been some interesting ideas about love on the Internet – you can see your feelings after marriage from the expenses before marriage, and so on. Do you think these views are right? How many of these views have you won?

the more you spend before marriage, the worse your feelings after marriage:

Women regard spending money as the criterion for judging love, while men regard spending money as a reason to retaliate against marriage.

Valentine’s Day is a “life and death” for lovers.

Valentine’s Day is the first “gate of hell” for lovers. Many previously sweet lovers break up around Valentine’s day.

daughters who listen to their mothers have a high divorce rate:

The chances of problems in a good girl’s marriage are increasing. The “guidance” of parents is the killer of young couples’ marriage today!

emotional popularity “lease”:

“Rent lovers at home during the Spring Festival” and “rent lovers on Valentine’s Day”, the younger generation in the city are increasingly fond of “emotional leasing business”, which is related to their dependence on fast food since childhood, and they hope to solve problems, including emotional problems, with all the fastest ways.

a “virtuous wife helps” can’t cultivate a good husband:

Women always want to be a man’s “wife’s helper” and help him in his career and life. But psychologically, it is found that the more “virtuous wife helps”, the weaker a man will become.

old couples don’t know each other the most:

When the relationship enters a stable state, both parties are too lazy to pay attention to each other. The peak of feelings will slowly drop to the low point, and the old husband and wife sometimes have a deeper understanding than the young husband and wife.

the more one party loves, the faster the other party betrays:

It can be seen that “human nature is cheap”, and what we are chasing is not business!

the faster a man “apologizes”, the less sincere he is:

A man with true self-esteem and true feelings will never casually say “sorry” at the first time. When it becomes easier for a man to apologize, a woman should pay attention to whether he loves you less and less.

the more we break up, the more we love each other:

Many relationships between men and women start from the day they break up. It reflects the monopolistic desire developed in the growing environment of young men and women of the present generation. They only want to have, not to lose. The lust for emotion is getting stronger and stronger.

men are most interested in their wife’s “best friend”:

Men are most interested in what they often hear but never get. For example, my wife’s best friend listens to her every day, but what kind of woman is that?

falling in love one year later, you will truly “fall in love” with the other party:

In the stage of passionate love, people are all influenced by passion, and there is no time to objectively consider lovers. Only when the passion gradually fades, can it really take off the imagination in their hearts and love the objective people around them.

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