Win win strategy for skin whitening and freckle removal

Do you have such experience? Pigment spots, chloasma, sunburn or freckles on the face will be very dark in summer, and will be much lighter when the weather is cool. This is because the sunshine in cool weather is far less intense than that in summer. Only by taking care of freckling and whitening in this season can we not be completely destroyed by the scorching sun in the next year. Now we have entered the best season for whitening and freckling. Let’s seize the time to organize a win-win strategy for whitening and freckling, so that the skin can be repaired from the cells of the skin in the winter when the sun hurts the least, and the skin can be whitened from the base layer.

Be sure to use whitening products

Experts believe that good whitening and skin care products can inhibit melanin production at different stages, inhibit the activity of tyramine enzyme, prevent melanin production, dilute the color of patches, and thus improve the overall skin tone.

Use whitening products to strengthen Moisturizing

Whitening itself is a purification process, which makes melanin fall off from epidermal cells and makes the skin surface clean. At the same time, it naturally needs to add water and other nutrients to protect it. Therefore, when using whitening and freckle removing products, it is best to use a lotion that supplements water.

Use whitening products and sunscreen again

Melanin secreted by the skin is actually a self-protection reaction of the skin against ultraviolet rays. Whitening and skin care products only inhibit this reaction, but it also needs to establish a protective barrier for the skin, that is, the barrier of sunscreen. Only whitening without sunscreen is actually a result of getting half the result with twice the effort.

Severe sunburn is “irreversible”

At a young age, sunburn does not necessarily lead to spots. Even if there is a little less serious sunburn, it will gradually disappear because of youth and fast metabolism. But after the age of 30 or 40, due to the influence of endocrine, melanin is secreted more. If you contact the sun more frequently, your skin’s metabolism will not be smooth, and dark spots will naturally form. In addition, scientists have further confirmed that UVA ultraviolet damage can be accumulated and irreversible. If only one blistering sunburn occurs in childhood, the risk of skin cancer in the future can be doubled.

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