Is the soap dirty? Watch out for germs in soap

Soap is one of the common daily necessities, and its shadow can be seen everywhere in our life. Usually, we use soap to wash our hands, clothes and even face, because soap has the function of washing and decontamination, which can help us effectively resist the invasion of bacteria. But you may not know that soap is also prone to bacteria.

bacteria can also live in soaps

Although soap can decontaminate, there are also a large number of bacteria on soap itself, but the bacteria on soap are less likely to cause disease or skin infection. Generally speaking, only people with immune system problems need to be extra cautious, and this kind of people had better choose to use hand sanitizer. If you have a healthy body, you don’t need to worry about the impact of bacteria on your health.

keep the soap in a dry place.

It should be noted that bacteria particularly like to appear on soaps that become sticky because they are wet with water. As long as you do some simple actions, you can avoid the bacteria on the soap from harming the human body. For example, rinse with tap water before using the soap; Store soap in a dry place, especially not in a wet bath. A dry environment can ensure that bacteria can not breed.

pay more attention to soap hygiene in public places

Generally speaking, in public places such as public toilets, if there are no other cleaning products except soap to wash hands after going to the toilet, please wash your hands with tap water before using soap. The time for washing your hands is guaranteed to be 20-30 seconds. When you wash your hands, you should scrub from both sides of your hands to your wrists, not to mention the position under your fingernails, which is the easiest place to hide dirt. As long as you wash your hands long enough, the bacteria on the soap will also be washed away.

The bacteria on soap seem to be harmless, but they should not be ignored. Otherwise, when the body’s immunity drops, bacteria may “sneak in” and endanger health.

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