Office workers may as well prepare a small pillow for a nap

I always feel sleepy after lunch. Taking a nap can not only relax my nervous brain, but also improve my study and work efficiency in the afternoon. However, due to the limitations of conditions, many people can only sleep on their desks. If they can’t sleep soundly, they will have pain in their arms. Recently, the hot selling siesta pillows in major supermarkets can solve this problem.

The posture of lying on the table to sleep will not only affect the normal blood circulation of the arms, cause discomfort symptoms such as numbness and pain in both arms and hands, but also increase the curvature of the body and compress the chest. Therefore, people often feel that their breathing is not smooth, especially for women, which will affect the health of their breasts over a long period of time.

In addition, this sleeping posture will also press the eyeballs, which is the reason why some people have temporary blurred vision after taking a nap. If this is the case for a long time, it will also induce eye diseases, especially for people with high myopia.

With the help of the siesta pillow, the quality of sleep will be greatly improved. At present, most of the qualified siesta pillows on the market are designed according to the principles of human engineering, which is also very convenient to use. You can inflate them with a gentle blow of your mouth, and you can adjust the height of the pillow according to your own needs.

When using, put the siesta pillow on the table, put your face on the round hole in the middle of the pillow, and naturally bend your arms to embrace both sides of the pillow, which can effectively avoid the pressure on your arms, eyes and face. If the seat back is high, it is better to put it on the upper part of the seat back to form a strong support for the head and neck, so that the body can maintain a natural relaxed state, make breathing more smooth, and be more conducive to the health of the heart, lungs and breasts.

Although the siesta pillow improves the quality of siesta, it is not suitable for everyone. People with low blood pressure, serious obstacles to the blood circulation system, and frequent dizziness due to narrowing of cerebral blood vessels should not sit and sleep even with the help of a nap pillow, otherwise they are prone to temporary insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in autonomic nervous dysfunction and other diseases.

At the same time, sit for a nap for 15-30 minutes. After waking up, exercise your neck and limbs to increase brain oxygen and put more energy into your work in the afternoon.

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