Which methods can help eliminate fatigue quickly

Fatigue, also known as fatigue, is a subjective uncomfortable feeling. But objectively, under the same conditions, they will lose their ability to complete their original normal activities or work. Fatigue can occur when a disease develops to a certain stage, so there are many diseases that can cause fatigue. Which health care methods can help eliminate fatigue quickly?

which methods can help eliminate fatigue quickly:

Physical therapy: it can promote blood circulation, accelerate fatigue elimination and functional recovery by using light therapy, wax therapy, electrotherapy, etc. on the local or whole, and also has the effect of treating injuries.

Oxygen inhalation: the effect of high-pressure oxygen inhalation has been preliminarily confirmed by using a high-pressure oxygen ship at 2-2.5 standard atmospheric pressure. Hyperbaric oxygen can increase the content of blood oxygen, decrease the concentration of blood carbon dioxide, increase the pH value, improve the reserve of tissue oxygen, and have obvious effects on extreme fatigue, muscle pain, stiffness, acid-base balance imbalance caused by training. Especially for boxing, wrestling, judo and other athletes whose heads are often hit, it can reduce headache, dizziness and improve sleep. Negative oxygen ions are also used to eliminate fatigue. Some people have observed the effect of negative oxygen ions plus music on eliminating fatigue. It is found that it can improve the muscle strength of the dorsal muscle, improve the cardiopulmonary function, and increase the hemoglobin concentration.

Nutrition: the consumption of various nutrients increases during exercise. Timely supplementation after exercise will help eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength. Sugar, vitamin C, vitamin B, water, etc. should be adequately supplemented.

Psychological recovery: it is to eliminate fatigue by regulating the function of the cerebral cortex. Qigong, mindfulness, relaxation exercises and so on belong to this category.

Sleep: sleep is a good way to eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength. During sleep, the excitation process of cerebral cortex decreases, the catabolism in the body is at the lowest level, and the anabolic process is relatively high, which is conducive to the accumulation of energy in the body. Adult athletes should have 8-9 hours of sleep every day during normal training. During heavy exercise and competition, sleep time should be extended appropriately. The sleep time of young athletes should be longer than that of adult athletes, and 10 hours of sleep must be guaranteed every day. If training is arranged in the morning and afternoon, there should be an appropriate time for nap (1.5-2 hours) at noon.

Warm water bath: warm water shower after training is the simplest and easiest way to eliminate fatigue. Warm water bath can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, regulate blood flow, strengthen metabolism, and facilitate the transportation of nutrients and the elimination of fatigue substances in the body. The water temperature should be 42 ± 2C. The time is 10-15 minutes, not more than 20 minutes. Half an hour after the training, you can also take a hot and cold water bath. The cold water temperature is 15C and the hot water temperature is 40C. Take a cold shower for 1 minute and a hot shower for 2 minutes, alternating three times.

Steam margin: This is to introduce steam into a special cabin or closed room, creating a high temperature and humidity environment. Its function is similar to that of sauna bath, but it is easier to cause physical fatigue than sauna bath. The method is as follows: stay at 40.5-46c for 20-30 minutes.

Methods that can eliminate fatigue include massage: massage is an important means to eliminate fatigue. Among them, manual massage is the most popular method for athletes to eliminate fatigue, but due to the limitation of manpower, it can not meet the needs. Various methods have been developed to replace manual massage, such as: 1. Mechanical massage includes massage chairs, belt massage machines, massage beds, roller relaxers and small massagers. 2. Hydraulic massage such as pulse hydraulic massage machine. 3. Air pressure massage, such as air pressure massage clothes, air pressure massage pants, foot air pressure massager, high and low pressure cabin, negative pressure cabin, etc.

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