What are the ways to eliminate acne marks? What are the ways to eliminate acne marks

After growing acne, the black or red acne marks left on your face are very ugly. How to make the acne marks disappear quickly and restore the smoothness of your skin? Let’s see what Xiaobian tells you to eliminate the acne marks.

Potato chips remove acne marks

Potatoes can activate the skin and remove dead cells. After washing the potatoes, cut them into thin slices and cut them thin. The absorption effect is better. It is also easy to apply them on the face. It can be applied for 15 minutes and then clean the face. This is suitable for the beginning of acne marks. The acne marks are small and shallow. If there are acne marks, they are already concave, and the effect is not good.

Lavender essential oil to remove acne marks

Lavender essential oil can balance sebum secretion, reduce scar and swelling damage, promote cell regeneration, activate cells, accelerate wound healing, eliminate scars, and balance skin oil secretion. After cleaning the face, you can apply 3 to 5 drops of lavender essential oil to the place with acne marks and massage for 10 minutes.

Remove acne marks with crude salt and egg white

Use a teaspoon of crude salt and a protein to fully stir. After stirring, add a little honey, then fully stir and evenly apply it on the face, avoiding the corners of the eyes and mouth. After the facial mask is dry, wash it with warm water.

Tomato pockmarking

Tomatoes contain carbohydrates, vitamins, carotene, citric acid, malic acid and other ingredients, which have strong cosmetic effects. Tomatoes also have the function of moisturizing and cleaning the skin. The ingredients contained in fruit acid can exfoliate, promote skin metabolism and alleviate skin allergy. In addition, tomatoes can shrink pores and inhibit the growth of bacteria on the face. After mashing the tomato, add almond powder and stir together to make it thick and smooth. Apply it directly on your face, wait 15 to 30 minutes, and then wash it.

Papaya honey to remove acne marks

Papaya honey milk facial mask has antioxidant effect, can deeply clean skin, promote skin metabolism, prevent melanin precipitation, help shrink pores and fade acne marks.

Ginger tablets to remove acne marks

After washing your face every night, you can cut two pieces of ginger, which should be fresh, apply them to the places with acne marks, and then sleep on the bed. Hold the ginger tightly against your skin. After applying it for 15 to 20 minutes, you will feel hot on your face. This is a normal phenomenon. After applying, you can wipe the place with a paper towel, do not wash it with water, and persist in using it for a week to improve the acne marks.

Sugar to remove acne marks

White sugar is helpful for wound healing. Wash your face with fine granulated sugar and some water, which can be used three times a day. After a week, you can make your skin white and tender, but you should adhere to it. This method is very simple.

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