Is there a good method of freckle removal in traditional Chinese medicine? What are the methods of freckle removal in traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long cultural history in China. Traditional Chinese medicine not only has a great influence on us Chinese people, but also foreigners look at it with new eyes. The treatment of diseases by red clothes is mainly based on conditioning, which has a slow effect, but will not recur. So, does traditional Chinese medicine have a good method for freckle removal? Let’s take a look at the introduction made by the old Chinese medicine:

Traditional Chinese medicine freckle removal is one of the important contents of traditional Chinese medicine cosmetology, and it is also an important part of Chinese medicine. In the diagnosis and treatment of freckle removal in traditional Chinese medicine, the methods of dredging, conditioning inside, rubbing, applying, fumigating and steaming outside, supplemented by meridians, acupoint massage, acupuncture and catgut embedding are often adopted.

Cause of formation fold edit this paragraph 1. External factors: wind, sun, pollution and radiation destroy the cells on the surface of the skin, and some harmful substances will soak into the skin, forming color spots.

2. Internal causes: the internal function of the human body declines and the endocrine is dysfunctional, which leads to “blood stasis” in the body. Poor blood will also cause melanin accumulation and form color spots.

3. High mental pressure and excessive fatigue

4. Light effect reaction: antibiotics, contraceptives, etc.

5. Diseases: liver and kidney dysfunction, poor hematopoiesis, insufficient Qi and blood, slow blood circulation, poor metabolism, skin diseases, hyperthyroidism, etc.

The first cause of this paragraph is stagnation of liver qi. Those who suffer from depression, liver failure, stagnation of liver qi, depression for a long time, heat, and burn Yin blood become the cause of color spots.

Etiology 2: spleen deficiency and dampness and Yin. People who eat and drink incoherently, are overworked, are fond of pungent and greasy food, resulting in spleen failure, insufficient source of transformation, and Qi and blood can’t moisten the appearance of the face. Therefore, the color is like dirt, withered and dark.

Etiology three: the cause of pigmentation needs to be known, kidney qi deficiency. It is caused by excessive atrial exertion, injury to kidney essence, deficiency of kidney yin, deficiency of fire and inflammation, resulting in loss of support for the skin, or deficiency of kidney yang, diffusion of Yin Qi, and the true color of the kidney.

Diet: lotus seed longan soup, apple egg soup, Lily pig’s feet, Bazhen beauty dew

Efficacy: invigorate the spleen, promote the circulation, stimulate the growth of skin cells, promote metabolism, and gradually whiten and refine rough and dark skin.

Freckle removing method: Traditional Chinese medicine facial mask

Principle: white traditional Chinese medicines such as Atractylodes macrocephala, Ginkgo biloba and Cayratia japonica have the effect of whitening the skin, so they can be used as cosmetic medicines for whitening and freckling from the outside. The common way is to make traditional Chinese medicine facial mask. Classic TCM beauty and whitening prescription facial mask: 30g Baizheng, 30g Baizhu, 9g baifuzi and 9g Asarum. The superfine powder can be purchased from the Chinese medicine store and bottled for future use. Wash the face every three or five times in the evening, then take a small amount of drug powder, mix it into a paste with honey or egg white, apply it to the face, and wash it off after 30 minutes.

Efficacy: good whitening effect, mild nature, natural, safe, environmental protection, simple production and convenient use.

Through the introduction of the above content, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of traditional Chinese medicine freckle removal. Chinese medicine freckle removal can also play a whitening effect. It can be seen how valuable resources our ancestors left for us. Therefore, we must carry forward Chinese medicine. Ye hopes that Chinese medicine can treat patients with more experience. I also suggest that you might as well try Chinese medicine when treating other diseases.

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