What is traditional Chinese medicine freckle massage? How to do traditional Chinese medicine freckle massage

Like acne, color spots are one of the most feared diseases of female friends. Because they occur on the face, they are often one of the reasons for beauty loving women to buy skin care products and cosmetics. Tender white and flawless skin is what many mm dream of having. After all, such an external image will add points to themselves in the workplace. Massage and Cosmetology can dilute color spots to a certain extent and promote good appearance. Here are the four methods of removing spots by Massage:

1. Spot surface finger rubbing method:

The belly of the thumb rotates in a circle at the front pressing point position, with gentle and gentle force, 50-60 times per minute, and the movements are coordinated and rhythmic. The acting part is between the epidermis and dermis. It takes about half a minute at each front pressing point position to loosen the pigment after pressing in a small range.

2. Spot surface refers to the method:

Straighten the thumb, hold the other four fingers, and press the center of the spot surface with the end of the thumb. The pressing direction should be vertical, and the force should be stable and continuous from light to heavy, so that the stimulus can fully penetrate between the epidermis and dermis. It is forbidden to suddenly exert force and shake after exerting force. The pressing point expands from the center to the outside, reaching the edge of the spot..

3. Spot face palm massage method:

The palms of both hands rub against each other to generate heat. Put the palm surface on the whole spot surface and rub it in a circular and rhythmic way, clockwise or counterclockwise, with a frequency of about 50-60 times per minute. It spreads the pigment that has been locally diffused to a wider range, which is conducive to rapid absorption.

4. Spot surface finger plastering method:

The side of the thumb and the end of the index finger should move in a straight line from the inside to the outside at the point of pressing, the pressure should be balanced, the wiping speed should be slow, and the force should be light but not floating, heavy but not sluggish during operation, so as to spread the loosened melanin around.

Mm massage should be gentle and avoid lips and eyes; A better massage cream can be used to improve the massage effect. Mm should also pay attention to cutting nails and cleaning hands before massage.

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