Why does staying up late become a health killer?

“Work at sunrise and rest at sunset” is the routine of the Chinese nation. According to traditional Chinese medicine, daytime belongs to Yang, and people should work more; It’s cloudy at night, so you should sleep. Staying up late is a kind of repeated “boiling” for the body. If it goes on like this, the “essence, Qi and spirit” of the human body will gradually decrease.

What are the hazards of staying up late? Let 39 Health editors tell you one by one:

1. Yin yang imbalance

Staying up late for a long time will lead to the imbalance of yin and Yang in the human body, forming a constitution of yin deficiency and fire prosperity. “Early to bed and early to rise” is a very simple concept of health preservation, which is concise and comprehensive. Only by ensuring adequate sleep can we work efficiently.

2. Damage to organs

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, each hour is in charge of the functions of each viscera and meridians.

Zishi (23:00-1:00): do not sleep, lack of gallbladder and Qi, decline in the function of the whole body and viscera, decline in metabolism and immunity, and are prone to various mental diseases, such as depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc; It will also lead to bad looks and dark circles under the eyes.

Ugly time (1:00-3:00): if you don’t rest during ugly time, blood can’t enter the liver, can’t carry out normal metabolism, easy to hurt the liver, easy to grow spots on your face, irritable, dark face, headache, dizziness, red eyes, eye pain, tinnitus and other symptoms, while women are easy to have dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other symptoms.

Yin Shi (3:00-5:00): after the liver pushes out the old and brings forth the new, it supplies fresh blood to the lungs and sends it to the whole body through “the lungs move towards the hundred veins”.

Mao Shi (5:00-7:00): the lungs send blood to the whole body and promote the large intestine to enter an excited state. The large intestine wriggles, absorbs water and nutrients in food, and discharges dregs. If there is no sufficient rest, the toxin can not be discharged from the body, which will lead to constipation, hemorrhoids, acne and so on.

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