Why do people feel tired

After the National Day holiday, after several days of adjustment, I wonder if everyone has escaped from the state of “fatigue”? However, even on ordinary working days, many people will always be in a state of fatigue. Chronic fatigue is one of the symptoms that all people in modern society have.

However, there is not much research on relevant aspects, and some people go to the hospital for treatment because of fatigue. However, not only is there no suitable examination method, but even the name of the disease is unknown.

first of all, fatigue is divided into three categories: mental fatigue, pathological fatigue and physiological fatigue

Mental fatigue: high work pressure, disharmony with people, quarrels between husband and wife, etc

Pathological fatigue: fever, feeling top heavy, muscle pain, etc

Physical fatigue: insomnia, low mood, lack of work passion, lack of concentration, etc

Then the question comes, why do we feel tired for no reason?

First of all, you should understand that fatigue is most likely due to illness for example, middle-aged people may be depressed, while women’s fatigue may be caused by low hormone secretion. Therefore, if you are in good spirits at ordinary times and suddenly feel tired at a certain time, you’d better seek the help of a doctor.

if no abnormality is found after diagnosis, it is necessary to consider whether it is “chronic fatigue syndrome , specifically manifested as fatigue, low fever, headache, etc.

However, nowadays, many young people’s fatigue is not caused by diseases, but insufficient sleep, excessive pressure, unbalanced nutrition . Although it is said that fatigue can be cured without medicine, if it occurs repeatedly, you may as well ask yourself: do you often stay up late? Is the pressure too high? Whether it is partial to food, etc.

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