Rope skipping to lose weight: is it better to jump in the morning or at night

Is it better to jump rope in the morning or at night? I believe this is a question that many dieters want to know. For those who need to lose weight, it is very necessary to stick to exercise, so as to help consume excess fat in the body. For example, rope skipping is a very good exercise. Do you know whether rope skipping is good in the morning or in the evening? Let’s take a look at the following introduction.

Rope skipping to lose weight: is it better to jump in the morning or at night

According to relevant research, if you want to lose weight by skipping rope, you’d better jump rope at 4-6 p.m. because during this period, your body is in the best state, your hormones are in the high activity state, your breathing and heart rate are also increased, your blood pressure tends to be stable, and your body is in the best state. Therefore, this period is the best time for skipping rope. Try not to jump rope in the morning, because skipping rope will consume a lot of energy. Jumping on an empty stomach in the morning will easily cause hypoglycemia, and it is not easy to recover physical strength. The oxygen content in the air in the morning is low, which is unfavorable to the lungs and easy to cause lung diseases. However, before any exercise, you must first warm up to avoid excessive exercise and strain. Next, you can do sit ups, yoga and Latin dance before going to bed.

How to control diet by skipping rope

Eat regularly. Don’t skip breakfast under any circumstances. Three meals a day can be eaten on time. If conditions permit, three meals can be divided into five small meals. Protein is indispensable. You should eat more fish, eggs, lean meat and tofu in your daily diet. Because protein is the best way to suppress hunger. Overcome your hunger. When it’s not time to eat something, drink a glass of water or eat a few pieces of fruit to fill your stomach. Then, the desire of dieters to eat will be eliminated.

Is it better to jump rope in the morning or at night? To sum up, it is best to jump rope at 4-6 PM. It is necessary to remind everyone that you can choose the exercise time according to your actual situation, and do stretching exercises before and after jumping rope, so as to effectively avoid the appearance of thick calves. In addition, during the weight loss period, you should pay attention to properly controlling your diet. You can not overeat and eat too much food with high calories.

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