Ten micro signals of sleep deprivation

I don’t want to sleep at night, and I can’t get up in the morning. More and more people use overdraft sleep to fill the time that is not enough during the day. In the long run, the body will also quietly give an alarm. Recently, Shelby, director of behavioral sleep medicine at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, USA? Fredman? Dr. Harris summarized the “10 signals of sleep deprivation”, reminding people with this condition to adjust quickly.

1. Lie down and go to sleep immediately. “ falling asleep” is often regarded as an enviable sleeping skill. However, research data from the American Association of neurological diseases and stroke show that people who often fall asleep within 5 minutes after lying down may have serious problems of insufficient sleep or even sleep disturbance.

2. More impulsive than usual sudden love of sweets and impulsive shopping may be caused by lack of sleep. Harris said that lack of sleep can seriously affect the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is mainly responsible for judgment, impulse control, visual practice and attention. Lack of sleep will lead to poor judgment and impulsivity.

3. I love to say platitudes if you are still young, you often talk about some proverbs, such as “people have no long-term plans, but there must be immediate worries”, “it is easy to go from thrift to luxury, and it is difficult to go from luxury to Thrift”, which is probably caused by lack of sleep. Harris pointed out that the frontal lobe of the brain, which is closely related to speech, constructive thinking and innovative thinking, is deeply affected by the quality and time of sleep. When people lack sleep, it is often difficult for them to have spontaneous and complex words, and they are more likely to have problems such as slurred speech, cliche, stuttering and monotony.

4. More forgetful than ever I forget my key when I go out, I can’t remember the name of my new colleague after listening to it for several times, and I often forget everything… These forgetfulness may be caused by lack of sleep and disturbance of memory. Harris said that adequate sleep helps consolidate memory and improve mood. Lack of sleep will lead to difficulty in forming memories, unclear logical thinking, and inability to think deeply and act rationally.

5. It is easier to feel hungry when people lack sleep, it is more difficult to resist the temptation of unhealthy foods such as potato chips and ice cream. The reason is that lack of sleep will affect the two key hormones of the human body – leptin and auxin, and then increase people’s desire for food.

6. Read a sentence twice when reading a book or newspaper, one sentence often needs to be read or read twice, which is a manifestation of lack of concentration and sleep. A study published in the American journal Sleep found that insufficient sleep can lead to decreased attention and weaken people’s instantaneous decision-making power.

7. I’m all thumbs Harris pointed out that lack of sleep may lead to problems such as unstable walking, uncoordinated limbs, and stumbling in doing things.

8. Love to quarrel with your partner researchers at the University of California, Berkeley found that couples who lack sleep are more likely to get angry, have friction, quarrel frequently, and even fight violently.

9. Drive distracted and miss the exit Harris said that during driving, problems such as missing the highway exit and forgetting to turn occur. It is difficult to remember what you did during the day later, which may be related to lack of sleep.

10. I fall asleep during the day it’s easy to fall asleep when you take a bus or watch a movie in the cinema during the day, which means that you may need to catch up on your sleep. Harris said that when you have enough sleep, you should be alert and energetic during the day, and it is not easy to fall asleep immediately even in a dark or dull environment.

If you are not a night shift worker who has to stay up late, then get out of the army of late sleepers quickly, and don’t let sleep deprivation drag you down. When you can’t sleep, I suggest you try the following tactics.

1. Create a good sleeping environment sleep space should be large enough to ensure that you can stretch your body in a resting state. The ideal bedroom should be cool, dark and quiet. The temperature should be controlled at 15.6 ℃ ~ 21.1 ℃. Move the light source (TV, alarm clock, etc.) out of the bedroom or turn it off. Equip the bedroom with a blackout curtain.

2. Develop good sleep habits keep regular bedtime and wake-up time, which can help the human body form a healthy internal biological clock. We should also exercise moderately every day, get some sunshine, and do yoga exercises that can relax our whole body in the evening.

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