Why do I feel sleepy when I wake up in the morning?

Why do you want to sleep when you sit in front of the computer in the morning after sleeping for seven or eight hours at night? In fact, this kind of sleepiness is normal. It is a temporary physiological phenomenon caused by the natural climate and the rising temperature.

Human fatigue is divided into two types, one is simple physical fatigue, such as heavy manual workers and athletes. The other is physical fatigue caused by excessive brain fatigue. Most modern people are the latter kind of fatigue. The main reason is that a variety of stress factors: drinking, coffee, Nightlife (including watching TV and reading books for a long time) have significantly deteriorated the quality of sleep. Therefore, although they sleep a lot, they still feel inadequate.

A study shows that some sleepy patients actually don’t sleep enough, but sleep too much , which is easy for modern people, especially office workers with high mental pressure. They may be too busy to have a good rest during the day, so they want to have a good sleep at night. However, things went against our wishes. Because we were too busy during the day, we would have more sleep at night, so we were more likely to feel tired when we got up in the morning.

In fact, this kind of fatigue is different from fatigue caused by fatigue. it is a feeling that is fed back to the human brain when muscles enter the active state from the completely relaxed state. After a while, this feeling will disappear naturally. However, they think that it is caused by insufficient sleep. They consciously increase the sleeping time, go to bed at a fixed time at night, and do not get up early when they wake up in the morning. Over time, the human biological clock will change accordingly, resulting in excessive sleep. Too much sleep can not only increase the spirit and physical strength, but also weaken the spirit and physical strength. Because during sleep, the heartbeat slows down, the blood circulation slows down, and the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the brain is greatly reduced; If you sleep for too long, brain cells will not get sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients, and thus their activity capacity will be weakened.

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