These habits aggravate the moisture in the body

Among the six pathogenic pathogenic evil Qi of wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire, the dampness evil is the most destructive. Incorrect living habits will also allow moisture to enter and harm health. Therefore, I suggest that we must put an end to the following bad habits.

bad habits attract moisture

I can’t sleep enough from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, insufficient sleep is a symptom of spleen deficiency. A good sleep can also make our body lighter. It is recommended to go to bed before 11 p.m. every night. Adding some exercise every day will make your sleep quality better.

strong taste gastrointestinal function is related to nutrition and water metabolism. The best way is to eat an appropriate and balanced diet. Greasy, salty, too sweet and other fatty and sweet foods are not easy to digest, which is easy to cause flatulence and inflammation of the intestines and stomach. Sweet fried foods will cause the body to produce peroxides and aggravate inflammatory reactions.

I like cold food traditional Chinese medicine believes that raw and cold food, ice cream or cold fruits and vegetables will stagnate the digestive and absorption functions of the intestines and stomach, creating an opportunity for external pathogens to invade. Therefore, it is not easy to eat too much, and it is best to add scallions and ginger to weaken the cold nature of vegetables when cooking.

drink a lot this is the key factor that aggravates “dampness toxin”. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, alcohol helps dampness. Therefore, alcohol should be touched as little as possible, and it is even more important not to drown your sorrows.

less exercise people who exercise less often have heavy bodies, weak limbs and other wet conditions. The more you don’t like exercise, the more moisture will accumulate in your body. Over time, your body may also develop diseases. Proper exercise, such as running, walking, swimming, etc., can promote the coordinated operation of body organs and accelerate “moisture removal”.

always sitting sitting for a long time will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, reduce oxygen supply and nutrients to the brain, aggravate fatigue, insomnia, memory loss, etc., and cause muscle aches, neck stiffness, headache and dizziness.

dispelling dampness and nourishing the spleen are often performed at three major health preserving acupoints

There is a big temperature difference between morning and evening in this season. At this time, there was a scorching sun in the sky, and there was much water and humidity on the ground. The damp and heat steamed together, and they became damp and heat evil. The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of internal medicine says that “dampness passes through the spleen”. Because the spleen likes dryness and hates dampness, dampness and evil remain stagnant, it is easy to trap the spleen.

Massage Fenglong, Zusanli, Pishu and other three health preserving acupoints can make the spleen and stomach strong. Among them, Fenglong point is an important point for removing dampness; Pishu can strengthen spleen and stomach; And Zusanli can replenish qi, dredge meridians and activate collaterals. Pressing the above three health preserving acupoints 100 times a day is also a good way to dispel dampness and nourish the spleen and stomach.

Besides massage to dispel dampness and nourish the spleen, it can also be used for dietotherapy

Poria cocos porridge – invigorating the spleen and removing dampness

Take 100g of Japonica Rice and wash it out; Put 100g of Japonica Rice and 20g of Poria cocos powder into the pot together, add an appropriate amount of water, adjust to Wu Huo to boil the water, turn to slow fire to boil it until it is erosive, then add some salt and ginger granules, and mix well. Take it in the morning and evening every day, and add brown sugar according to taste. Long term consumption can promote water infiltration and temperature, strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness, and also has a certain effect on chronic hepatitis.

winter melon porridge diuresis and dehumidification

100g winter melon and 100g japonica rice. Wash the winter melon, cut it into small pieces with the skin, put it in a casserole with japonica rice, add water, and cook it over a slow fire until the melon is rotten and the rice is cooked into porridge. Winter melon is rich in vitamins and essential trace elements, which can diuresis and dispel dampness, and is also a good product for relieving summer heat. This porridge can be made into sweet or salty according to taste. The best time to eat it is every morning and afternoon.

Job’s tears red beans soup – invigorating the spleen and dispelling dampness

Take 30-50g of job’s tears and 30-50g of red beans. Preparation: wash job’s tears and red beans with clean water, put them in a soup pot, cook for one hour, and season. Efficacy: it can strengthen the spleen and promote diuresis, especially suitable for those who have long-term dampness to turn heat, bitter mouth, yellow urine and yellow greasy tongue coating.

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