Remember the past, but never forget it

For men, although the road they walk through is bumpy, it will become clear and clear after they walk; The songs that have been sung, because they are too young and unsophisticated, often have familiar melodies circling in the deep memory, but the lyrics that have witnessed youth are always forgotten when they come to the mouth; Loved ones

It’s good for a man to read old love, but it doesn’t mean that he should never forget it. What a failure gives you is not to never forget it, but to learn from it. Why did he fail in the first place? Change yourself from your own shortcomings, so as to make new insights more wonderful. Maybe there was too much helplessness in breaking up at the beginning, but if it has become a thing of the past, then we should learn to forget that no one can go back to the past, and people can’t live in the past forever. Besides, love doesn’t mean possession. Sometimes it’s a good thing to bless each other.

Why do men always remember their old lovers?

First of all, you should understand that men like to help women, and “being needed” has greatly satisfied men’s self-esteem. Whether in movies or in reality, in many love triangles, a man usually ends up choosing not the one he loves, but the woman he thinks can’t do without him.

Secondly, even if they think that women’s requirements are troublesome, men generally do not explicitly refuse women. Whether it’s female colleagues, female classmates, female teachers, girlfriends, mothers… If you carefully observe, you will find that men rarely refuse women’s requests, and rarely take the initiative to find trouble and hurt women (fathers seldom scold daughters, male teachers seldom scold female students, male supervisors seldom scold female subordinates, and male colleagues seldom trouble female colleagues…). If a woman is too unreasonable, a man will only say “who let her be a woman”. For example, why a man is caught in a dilemma between his mother-in-law and his daughter-in-law is because both sides are women who love him. Whichever side he prefers will hurt the other. My ex girlfriend is also a woman and has loved him. How can you expect him to be resolute to her?

Finally, you should know that the older people are, the more likely they are to nostalgic, regardless of gender. What women miss is their unparalleled youth and stars; Men naturally miss being suave and charming and finding both ways. There is a woman who once loved you and still cares about you. It’s very pleasant to think of such a small vanity. If your ex boyfriend first thinks of you when he is sad, thinks of giving you a gift on your birthday, talks to you when he quarrels with his girlfriend and tells you that “she really can’t compare with you”, how do you feel? There must be a little pride, right?

The reunion with an old lover almost always ends in a hurry due to the influence of a dignified atmosphere. No matter how strong their desire to meet before, after years, decades or even decades of separation, the two hearts will never collide together instantaneously. He has changed, she has changed, and the only feeling left is that of deja vu, which makes people sigh and make people want to cry. This tear is not because of the original mistake, not because of the missed fate, not because of the joy of reunion, but because in front of your old lover, you can really feel the cruelty of time and the ruthlessness of life… Yes, everything has passed. Our youth and love still have the face of our young lover

The reunion with an old lover is always full of difficulties and obstacles, as if separated by mountains, but in fact it is just a barrier. They may pretend to casually inquire about each other’s information, but never disclose their desire to meet. For the true old lover, it is enough that the other side can live well. It is not because they don’t miss each other, but because they don’t want to let the beautiful past fall back into the cauldron of life, and their emotions are suffering again. However, the more it disappears, the more the old lover will become a crater accumulating in the heart. It is usually as calm as a lake, and one day it will become a tsunami. Only on that day, you may no longer be able to call out the other’s name.

It’s no big deal for a man to think about his ex girlfriend and even see her once in a while. I have asked several men around me, and they all admit that now they have money, cars and social status. Occasionally, they will think that if they had everything in those years, it is estimated that the “ex girlfriend” would not have left him. But that is only limited to thinking that men have such strong self-esteem that no one wants to “buy” love. Besides, most of the ex girlfriends had or had other men around them after they broke up. Who can be so generous as to think that nothing has happened.

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