Fatigue may lead to recurrent oral ulcer

Oral ulcer is a common feature of a series of oral mucosal diseases. Recurrent oral ulcer oral ulcer is the most common oral ulcer, with a incidence rate of about 10% in the population. Oral mucosa attacks repeatedly and periodically, and localized ulcer is called recurrent oral ulcer. It is the most common disease in mucosal diseases. It can occur at any age. The proportion of women suffering from this disease is high, and it can occur all year round.

recurrent oral ulcer is related to fatigue

Western medicine is not clear about the cause of recurrent aphthous ulcer. It is generally believed that its etiology can be analyzed from both internal and external aspects: 1. Internal causes, mainly due to endocrine disorders and reduced self immunity; 2. External factors, genetic factors, mental stress and stimulation, work fatigue, insomnia, most female patients may induce this disease before and after menstruation, or make the disease worse. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, yin deficiency is characterized by excessive fire, burning with heat, damp heat inside, and steaming in the mouth; Emotional failure and damage to the heart and spleen can cause oral ulcer.

Most of recurrent oral ulcers can be caused by themselves. Modern people have high mental pressure, fast pace of work, nervous and irregular life, unstable emotions, and oral ulcer is also a “civilization disease” caused by life style. In fact, according to the clinical observation of doctors, many patients with oral ulcer develop after excessive fatigue. In addition, oral ulcer is also considered to be related to genetic, hormonal and other factors. For example, oral ulcer before menstruation in women will worsen. Cases in menopausal women will increase, but the incidence rate in pregnant women is lower. All these phenomena show that the occurrence of ulcer is affected by hormonal changes.

symptoms of oral ulcer

At the beginning of oral ulcer, the mucosa is congested and edematous. After 1-3 days, it is broken, followed by inflammatory reaction, forming small ulcers. At this time, the pain is aggravated, and the ulcers gradually expand. The formation may be slightly different depending on the location. Ulcers often occur in the mucosa of the tongue and cheek, the mucosa of the lips and the palate, and sometimes can spread to the corners of the mouth and the throat. Ulcers are mostly round with clear edges. The ulcer surface is mostly covered with a layer of yellow pus moss, which is called a pseudomembrane in medicine. This pseudomembrane is not easy to peel off. If it is forcibly peeled off, it can form an erosive surface. Sometimes, the ulcer is in pieces, which can cause swelling of mandibular lymph nodes. After that, the blush gradually disappears and the ulcer heals, which is called self limiting. After healing, there is no scar. After infection, the ulcer deepens.

In addition, pay attention to the regularity of daily life and nutrition balance, quit smoking and alcohol, adhere to physical exercise, eat light food, eat more vegetables and fruits, keep stool smooth, and prevent constipation. Women should pay attention to rest before and after menstruation, keep a happy mood, avoid excessive fatigue, eat a light diet, eat more fruits, fresh vegetables, drink more water, etc., to reduce the chance of aphthous ulcer.

Therefore, we patients must pay attention to our daily life. This disease seriously affects our daily life. We must treat it thoroughly. Finally, we hope that Nen can stay away from the harm of the disease.

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