Bright colored bags may have lead exceeding the standard, so please buy with caution

After the environmental health center in Oakland, California tested the lead content of 300 kinds of backpacks and wallets, it was found that the lead content of 43 varieties exceeded the standard requirement of 300ppm. Among them, there are some high-end brands, such as guess, Nine West, Forever 21, Ralph Lauren, rainbow, etc. the lead content of Tory Burch’s leather bag is as high as 58700ppm, 195 times the specified.

Charles Margulis, director of the environmental health center, pointed out that lead in artificial leather, vinyl materials and a variety of different plastic products exceeded the standard. The world’s leading medical and public health organizations agree that lead will not only damage children’s neural development, but also deposit in adults’ bones and adipose tissue, leading to many serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, hypertension and kidney failure. In addition, excessive lead will increase the risk of emotional disorder, infertility and memory loss in women.

In order to protect health and keep away from lead pollution, Margulis put forward the following “bag buying suggestions”: 1. Try not to buy red and yellow bags. Lead is a stabilizer, which can keep the color bright and not fade. Especially the bright yellow and red bags may contain more lead. Black and Brown are safer, and the lead content is not too high. 2. Try to buy leather or canvas bags. Vinyl, polyurethane and other plastic products that replace leather contain high lead, while leather or canvas bags generally contain less lead. When buying, you should go to regular shopping malls or brand stores.

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