How many hours should you sleep every day at your age

Many people know the importance of sleep to the body, and also understand that it is not good to sleep too long or too short. However, in addition to ensuring proper sleep time, the quality of sleep during this period is also something we need to care about. Good bedtime habits and sleeping environment are indispensable.

Some studies have shown that people who sleep eight hours a day have a shorter life span, which can be said to subvert the long held view of healthy sleep time. Which one should we believe and how long should we sleep?

In fact, the best sleep time for different age groups is different. Everyone should sleep scientifically according to his own age. As long as he is not sleepy during the day, it means that he has enough sleep time. Some people sleep long, others sleep short. The length of sleep varies with the seasons, and gradually shortens with age. We can’t stick to the saying that we sleep eight hours a day.

1. Elderly over 60 years old: sleep 5.5 ~ 7 hours a day

2. Adults aged 30-60: sleep about 7 hours a day

3. Young people aged 13-29: sleep about 8 hours every day

Bad living habits reduce the quality of sleep. We must pay attention to these things before going to bed.

1. Don’t go to sleep drunk

Drinking alcohol instead of hypnotics often aggravates insomnia. Alcohol instead of sleeping pills will reduce deep sleep and increase the number of awakenings at night.

2. Avoid strenuous exercise before going to bed

Before going to bed, you should try to keep your body calm. You can do some light activities such as walking. Vigorous exercise can easily make your nerves excited and difficult to calm down.

3. Eat early and eat less supper

Eating too much is easy to cause food accumulation and aggravate the digestive burden of the intestines and stomach at night.

4. It’s not a good habit to watch TV and fall asleep, especially not to sit and fall asleep

5. Pajamas should be loose and not too thick

6. When a husband and wife wait for two people to sleep, don’t sleep opposite each other

Sleeping relatively has the feeling of breathing tail gas, because the substances exhaled by two people are generally human excrement.

7. Before going to bed, take off your accessories, and women should take off their make-up and bras

8. Pillow height should be moderate

Too high a pillow will affect the smoothness of the respiratory tract, and it is easy to snore. Moreover, long-term high pillow will easily lead to neck discomfort or hunchback; If it is too low, it is easy to cause the pillow to fall. You must protect your neck to prevent the pillow from falling.

9. Keep a good mood before going to bed

Proper listening to some beautiful and soothing music will help relax the brain and promote sleep.

10. Don’t sleep with your head covered and your mouth open

11. Don’t leave the electric blanket on all night when sleeping in winter

Old or poor quality electric blankets are easy to cause accidents; Even if the electric blanket has good performance, it is easy to catch a cold or suffer from skin diseases if it is left on all night.

12. Throw away electronic products and follow a regular routine

In addition to ensuring proper sleep time, the quality of sleep during this period is also something we need to care about. Good bedtime habits and sleeping environment are essential. The following is an indoor environment that can make people feel more sleepy.

Room temperature: 20 ℃; Humidity: 40%; Light brightness: no more than 90%; The room has ventilation for half an hour and sunshine for 2 hours every day; And the mattress should be neat.

Come and try it quickly. Only when you sleep well can you have fuller enthusiasm and more energy to live. Don’t ask for sleep, let it come naturally.

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